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How To Play CSGO In Stretched Resolution

Want to get an edge over your ranked opponents with Stretched res? Check out our guide on how to get a Stretched Resolution in CSGO.

With several Twitch streamers and Pro players using Stretched Resolution in CSGO, this Res has gained quite a popularity in recent years. As it offers the most FPS, many CSGO players prefer Stretched Res. While this resolution may come with a price of jagged graphics or textures in-game, you will have a better chance at headshots. Although it’s up to your skills, this resolution is more appealing while playing ranked matches. But how to change your res in CSGO? Check out our guide to find out.

How to Get a Stretched Resolution in CSGO

csgo stretched resolution res how to get

You can get Stretched resolution in CSGO by changing your Aspect Ratio and Resolution under Video Settings in-game. You can set the Aspect ratio to 4:3 and set your Resolution to the highest available option. But before you change these in-game settings, you must change your Screen Scaling settings within your dedicated graphics card. Rather than keeping the Screen Scaling setting to Aspect Ratio by default, you need to change it to Full Screen.

Depending on the GPU you are using, you can find this setting within your dedicated Control Panel. This may vary if you are using Nvidia or AMD dedicated GPU. But where to find this setting when using either GPU? Don’t worry, here’s how you can change the Screen scaling & Resolution for both graphics cards:

For Nvidia GPU

how to get csgo stretched resolution

  • Right-click on your Desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Under Display, head to the Change Resolution option to check if your Resolution is set to highest.
  • Then, head to the Adjust desktop size and position setting.
  • Over here, select Full-screen scaling mode under Scaling options.
  • We also recommend performing your scaling on GPU.
  • Lastly, press the Apply button to save your settings.


  • Right-click on your Desktop and select AMD Radeon Software.
  • Then, select the Display tab and toggle the GPU Scaling option to On.
  • After enabling GPU Scaling, press the Scaling Mode option next to it.
  • From the drop-down box, select the Full Panel option for stretched Res.

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