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Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 In CSGO (2023)

Check out our guide on the best smoke spots for Dust 2 in CS Go.

If you are a fellow CS: Go player, there’s no limit to grinding on the different maps. But for most of the players in the community, the most playable map is Dust 2. As you progress through higher ranks, you will encounter veteran CS Go players. These players don’t have any mercy to share! So, you need to blow some smoke at their face (quite literally). You can do that with a couple of smoke grenades. Upon grinding on eternity on Dust 2, it is quite simple that players know the locations on the map more than their locality. So, here’s our guide on the best smoke spots for Dust 2 in CSGO.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 in CSGO

For the players that don’t know much about the spots or locations, mentioned below is the map with spots for Dust 2 for your reference.

best smoke spots dust 2 in csgo
Image Source – totalcsgo.com

Here are the best Smoke Spots for Dust 2:

Catwalk to Mid A: As you throw a smoke grenade, you need to make sure that it lands across the door.

Xbox to Mid A: When you take cover from the enemies barging inside, you need to throw a grenade across the door.

Suicide to Mid: This is one of the simplest smoke spots if you spawn as a T. All you need to do is throw a linear smoke grenade at the mid-spot from Suicide.

CT to Middle: If you spawn as a CT, you can throw a grenade to the mid. This will surely confuse the Ts barging to the B-site.

Mid-1 to Mid-2: So, throwing a smoke grenade is the most common thing to do when you spawn as a CT. As the timer begins, you need to throw a grenade across the door to the Mid. Wait for a few seconds and sneak walk to shoot the confused enemies.

A Doors to Mid: When you exit from the Long doors, head left and throw a grenade to straight upwards. To execute this throw, you might need some practice. But this throw would directly lead to the Under-A site.

Lower tunnel to Xbox: Upon getting down from the Upper tunnel, throw a grenade by the Xbox from the lower tunnel. This would make the enemies lose their sight. And perhaps the best time to knife an enemy. But you might need to spam a couple of grenades, for that.

B doors to Upper tunnel: When the CTs come barging to defuse the bomb, you can throw a smoke grenade into the Upper Tunnel. For a right angle, you need to throw it from the B-Doors.

Short to A: You can throw a grenade below the Short stairs close to A short. Then, you can shoot the confused Ts or hide at the Ninja spot.

B doors to Upper tunnel: Now, I do remember throwing a smoke grenade outside the upper tunnel. When you throw this grenade, the enemies entering the site lose their vision. Then, as they are slightly visible in the smoke, you can finish them off with an M4A4 or any of the Assault rifles.

T spawn to Xbox: You can throw a smoke grenade from the T-Spawn to the Xbox. Then, you can head there or shoot the enemies from your AWP in a single go.

Upper tunnel to B1: Upon exiting from the Upper tunnel, you need to be cautious if there’s no sniper parallel to the exit. If they are roaming like noobs around the B site, you can throw a smoke grenade at the B site and make an entry.

Upper tunnel to B2: While the previous grenade blocked the exit of the Upper tunnel, you need to throw a grenade close to the box. And make an entry before the smoke disappears.

Upper tunnel to B Site: Looking to block the vision of the sniper parallel to the tunnel? Now, this smoke grenade can be a bit difficult for beginners. As you are in the Upper tunnel, you need to throw a grenade across the roof to the B site. You need to make sure that it does go through the roof.

A to A site: When you are in situations like 2v1, the best way is to stall some time. All you need is a Desert Eagle or knife and smoke the A site. When the enemies come close to defusing the bomb, you can confuse them with the smoke. You can also lay in some smoke and head to the A Long with an AWP (evil tricks).

B to B doors: In a time-crunch before the bomb defuses or explodes? Throw a Smoke grenade at the B doors to block the enemies from seeing anything.

Inside tunnel to B doors: Now, the previous throw can also lead to players throwing the grenade outside the door. So, it’s safe to throw a grenade from the exit of the tunnel to the B doors. But make sure it lands on the B doors.

Upper tunnel to Window: If you have some allies left, you can also throw a smoke grenade by the Window. Then, for a few seconds, the B site would be impenetrable. Just look out no one enters from the upper tunnel, though.

While it is a long list, there might be some more smoke spots to choose from. You can create or discover more Smoke spots. But don’t forget to throw a grenade before blazing guns at your enemies.

That’s everything covered on the best Smoke spots for Dust 2 in CSGO. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on our dedicated section for CS: GO right here on Gamer Tweak.