How To Do EX Moves In Street Fighter 6

Looking to perform an EX Special move in SF6? Check out our guide on how to do EX Moves in Street Fighter 6.

As Street Fighter 6 is finally out, many players want to explore new and returning moves for all characters. But aside from that, many steadfast players want to try out EX Special Moves in SF6. Being a trademark of all past SF titles, players are looking forward to performing Extra Special moves on their opponents. But with the newly introduced Drive mechanic system, players are confused if they can pull this special combo. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out how to do EX Moves in Street Fighter 6.

How to Do EX Moves in Street Fighter 6

street fighter 6 how to do ex moves

The EX Special moves have been replaced by Overdrive attacks in SF6. You can do an Overdrive or EX move by pressing two of the same button type when executing a special move simultaneously. For example, pressing the buttons for Light Punch and Heavy Punch when performing a Special Move. This will cost you x2 Drive Gauges at one time.

So, here’s how to perform EX or Overdrive move in Street Fighter 6:

  • Execute Special Move + Two same attack type moves 
  • Taking Manon’s Moveset as an example:
    • Renverse (Down > Forward > Forward + Punch) + Light Kick (Cross) + Heavy Kick (R2)

While the controls of Classic and Modern settings may differ, this is the only way to perform Overdrive Art. Likewise to EX Special moves in past SF titles, the Overdrive attack is a combo of special moves. Once it strikes your opponent, this combo can deal them massive damage. But this comes with a price of two Drive Gauges.

Note that executing an Overdrive or EX Special move in SF6 is dependent on the bars of your Drive Gauge. As you drain your opponent’s stamina, also ensure that you have enough stamina bars to pull an Overdrive attack. While you are here at it, check out our guide on how to do Drive Rush in SF6.

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