SF6 Character Recipes Codes: Street Fighter 6 Avatar Creation

Here are the best character recipes that players can use with character customization system in Street Fighter 6.

Looking for Street Fighter 6 character recipe codes for your avatar? Here’s a list of the SF6 recipes of the best creations. Whenever players start their World Tour journey, they will get the opportunity to use these passwords and build their character ahead. In this guide, we have provided the best character recipe passwords (Avatar codes) currently for SF6 and we will keep updating them with new ones as soon as they turn up. Don’t forget to watch our videos linked at the end of this guide for more custom creations.

Street Fighter 6 Character Creation Recipe Codes List

Although there are many character recipes in SF6, it’s impossible to provide you with the passwords for each. However, we have shortlisted the best ones that players would love to try out. Here are the best character recipe passwords and avatar codes in Street Fighter 6:

  • SYP479WU7 – Nami
  • P47FAGUHB – Morrigan Vampire Hunter
  • LXLSLMACN – Asuka Kazama
  • 7EKDRVDYW – John Wick 
  • LAMEVBRQ3 – Hellboy 
  • YQ6AVQNBN – Dr Eggman 
  • F64B9PPNW – Franky 
  • RX9NKAW3M – Roronoa Zoro 
  • U9KS49VAG – Kratos 
  • VRLR8VEWM – Ciri The Witcher 
  • NLD3L8XMP or 4AXB78LXQ – Ganondorf 
  • J9NNMYGT6 – Spiderman 2099 
  • Y4M5VHEGU – Lucy (Edgeruners)
  • DTHGG86KM – Custom Brazilian Female Avatar
  • XEV8R349F – Black Widow
  • SREG88L5F – Harley Quinn 
  • EUA7CATB9 – Lara Croft
  • FDEWLR79C – Geralt of Rivia
  • KXCPUGDMT – Nick Fury
  • L9HWQN59B – Sasuke Uchiha 

Street Fighter 6 Custom Avatar Recipe Codes from Reddit and Twitter

God of War Kratos

God of War Kratos Character Recipe Code SF6

Franky One Piece

Franky One Piece Character Recipe Codes SF6

Roronoa Zoro Character Recipe Code

Roronoa Zoro Character Recipe SF6

Ganondorf Character Recipe Password

Gandondorf Street Fighter 6 Character Recipe

  • Character Code – NLD3L8XMP | 4AXB78LXQ
  • CreditsReddit User

Asuka Kazama Female Character Recipe Code

Asuka Kazama SF6 Character Recipe

Nami One Piece (SF6 Female Character Recipe Code)

Nami One Piece Character Recipe Password SF6

Morrigan Vampire Hunter (SF6 Female Character Recipe Code)

Morrigan Vampire Hunter Character Recipe Codes Street Fighter 6

Hellboy Character Recipe Code

Hellboy Street Fighter 6 Character Recipe Codes

Spiderman 2099 Character Recipe SF6

Spiderman 2099 Character Recipe

Ciri The Witcher

Ciri The Witcher

Custom Brazilian Female Avatar

Custom Brazilian Female Avatar SF6

Black Widow Character Recipe Code SF6

Black Widow Character Password Street Fighter 6

Geralt Of Rivia ‘Witcher’ Character Recipe Code

Geralt of Rivia Character Recipe Password Street Fighter 6

Dr Eggman Character Recipe SF6

Dr Eggman Character Recipe SF6

Lucy (Edgerunners) Character Recipe

Lucy From Edgerunners SF6

John Wick Character Recipe Code

John Wick Recipe Codes SF6

Sasuke Uchiha Character Recipe SF6

Sasuke Uchiha Character Recipe Password SF6

Nick Fury Character Recipe Password SF6

Nick Fury SF6 Character Recipe

Harley Quinn Character Recipe

Harley Quinn Character Recipe SF6

Lara Croft Character Recipe

Lara Croft SF6

Stone Cold WWE Street Fighter 6 Character Recipe

Stone Cold Character Recipe Street Fighter 6

Regina Character Code in SF6

Regina Character Codes SF6

More Male and Female SF6 Character Recipes

  • Johnny Bravo: YDH7QH9QB – Credits to Reddit user u/BLACKOUT-MK2
  • Makima: CCSA9TA9S – Credits to Reddit user u/Sebzatt
  • Baki Hanma: THVD99DC4 – Credits to Reddit user u/DoctorNess
  • Luffy: LPBEC444V – Credits to Reddit user u/SanityBH
  • Jinx: TFJXX6CLA – Credits to Reddit user u/Odd_Importance7507
  • Claire Redfield: 4GAE9E3GM – Credits to Reddit user u/apolloastral

Check them out in action here:

How to Use Character Recipe Codes

How to Download Recipe with Character Passwords in SF6

If you are confused about how you can use one of the Character recipe passwords to build your Street Fighter 6 avatar, here’s what you have to do:

  • Start your journey through the World Tour mode and wait for the character customization screen.
  • After that, press RB or R1 on your console and head to the very end to find the Download Recipe option.
  • Now paste in one of the Character recipe passwords that we have mentioned below and then you can download the recipe for that unique customization.

How to Get More Avatar Recipes in SF6

If you are looking for more such recipes, you can also check out the SubReddit for SF6Avatars. We will also post more Street Fighter 6 character recipe passwords so make sure you are on the lookout for those. You can simply bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl + D and keep visiting this page.

Also check out a few in-game clips of Street Fighter 6 characters that we created with the recipe passwords:

That’s all we have from this guide on the best character recipe codes for Street Fighter 6. While you are here, check out how to unlock Outfit 2, Invite Friends, and other Street Fighter 6 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.