How To Get Outfit 2 In SF6 (Street Fighter 6)

Relive the good old days by unlocking the Classic Outfit for the Street Fighter 6 Characters. Here's what you can do to unlock it.

There is an Outfit 2 for all the Street Fighter 6 which basically brings back their Classic costume. These classic costumes are not available by default as they are locked in the beginning. To get hold of these attires, there’s both an easy way and a hard way. The easy way involves spending real money, while the hard one would require you to progress in the World Tour. With that being said, here’s how you can unlock the Outfit 2 in SF6.

Just to let you know that Outfit 2 and Classic Outfits are both same.

How to Unlock Outfit 2 or Classic Costume in Street Fighter 6

Outfit 2 or Classic Outfit in Street Fighter 6

Here’s what you can do to acquire Outfit 2 in Street Fighter 6 (SF6).

Purchase from Goods Shop

If you don’t want to waste time and get the Outfit 2 directly, then you’ll have to spend some Fighter Coins. It is a premium currency purchased by using real money in the Goods Shop. You’ll have to spend 50 Fighter Coins to purchase a Classic Costumes for each SF6 character.

Increase Bond

Those who don’t want to spend any money should progress in World Tour and increase their Bond with the characters. You will unlock an Outfit 2 once you have maxed up your bond with them. The Bond point meter needs to be filled with 100 points to max up. Here’s what you can do to increase your Bond with a character in Street Fighter 6.

  • Give them Gifts
  • Spar with them
  • Have Conversations with them
  • Complete Master Quests

Now, you can use the above methods to increase your Bond with a Character. Keep patience and level it up to 100 points to finally receive a well-deserved Outfit 2 or Classic Costume in SF6.

That’s pretty much everything you can to get the Outfit 2 (Classic Costume) in Street Fighter 6. If you are a regular SF6 player, then make sure to check the Tier List of the Best Characters, right here on Gamer Tweak.