Stranger Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Quests Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Side quests are titled as Stranger quests which are optional and won’t pop up on your map by themselves in this game. You will see a question mark and a white patch as you keep getting closer and as you keep moving towards the exact location. You will be able to access them and it is entirely upto you if you wish to do so, but if you ask us, we’d highly recommend you finish the game entirely with everything to get the ultimate experience and for that purpose we’ve compiled a list of Stranger quests for you.

Stranger Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

With a game as vast and deep as Red Dead Redemption 2 it is not to difficult to sometimes forget about the smaller things this game has to offer, but being as a gamer you are well aware that side quests can lead to some of the best easter eggs or items a game can give, including advancing the storyline into a much deeper and wholesome experience for the player. Let’s have a look at all Strangers in RDR2.

Noblest of Men, and a Woman Stranger location

You can find this at the saloon in the north-east part of Valentine. Jim Boy Calloway will give you four photographs of gunslingers to track down. View your satchel (right on the D-pad) and read the back of each photograph to add their locations to your map.

Smoking and Other Hobbies Stranger location

You can locate this at Flatneck Station, outside of the outhouse. This stranger will inform you of collectible Playing Cards. Get a full set, and you can sell them to him for a profit.

All That Glitters Stranger location

You will have to trek a bit for this as this is located on some cliffs west of Flatrock Station and north of the railroad. Buy the Treasure Map from the explorer for $10 and you can start the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map locations quest.

Academia for Amateurs Stranger location

This is a fun one but can sometimes get a bit annoying as you’ll have to chase a coyote you can find this at south-west of Riggs Station, in the middle of some trees. After the cutscene you have to retrieve the bag which has been stolen by a coyote. Simple chase it and it’ll drop it by a rock, then bring it back to the stranger.

There are more than one Academia for Amateurs, just keep playing the main story and more shall appear.

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A Fisher of Fish Stranger location

We believe you will have to complete A Fisher of Men in Chapter 2 before you can start this, nevertheless, you’ll find it south-east of Flatneck Station, on a jetty between there and Rhodes. This has you hunt down 13 Legendary Fish locations across the map, with the help of a map.

A Test of Faith Stranger location

Another one around Flatneck Station, out in the wilderness. Look for the wagon and the person standing over a dig site, and you’ll be introduced to the paleontologist, who wants you to mail dinosaur bones to her.

American Dreams location

You will have to grind before you get to this one though, you will need to find all three Killer Clue piece locations. Once you have, head south-west of Valentine for the radius to appear on the map. The spot you are looking for is the basement doors next to the destroyed hut, on the west side.

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