Monopoly Go Stickers For Rewards Stuck Or Resets To 0 (Possible Fixes)

Can't collect Sticker rewards as your screen gets stuck or it resets to 0? Here is all we know about the issue.

Unable to collect Stickers for Rewards in Monopoly Go because it gets stuck or resets to 0? You are not the only one, several players are dealing with the same issue. This error has made it difficult for players to complete, trade, and get Stars through Stickers. As the Sticker album resets after specific days, those who have almost completed the current set are finding it the most troublesome. Stickers are an inseparable part of Monopoly Go, so such errors hinder the overall game. Understanding this concern of yours, we went through the official sources and learned about this issue to present possible fixes.

What Are Stickers for Rewards Stuck or Resets to 0 Error?

What Are Stickers for Rewards Stuck or Resets to 0 Error

The game developers are aware of this issue. And they are currently investigating it to roll the fix. The error should get resolved within a few days, but you can stay updated about it by checking the Stickers for Rewards stuck/resets to 0 section of Scopely Monopoly Go Helpshift. If the Issue Status says Resolved, you just need to update the app and try again. But if it says Investigating, you will have to wait for some days. While doing that, you can try these possible fixes.

Possible Fixes For Error

  • Clear Cache: It’s common for apps to freeze or become slow whenever caches take more than the required space. So get rid of them whenever such errors occur. Now to clear the cache, go into Settings. Select the Apps or Application option. Find the app and clear the cache from its details. Now restart the Monopoly Go and check whether Stickers for Rewards is getting stuck or not.
  • Clear the background app: Such errors sometimes occur when multiple apps are using your system for processing and staying active. And this can put a strain on it, which usually leads to it getting stuck or working slowly. So we recommend you clear those apps which are no longer needed. And then restart the game to see if the issue is still happening.
  • Make storage: It is best to keep some GB of space in your device. Apps often roll updates, which takes up additional space on your device. And when there is no space for them to store more files, a problem like this arises.

That’s all we know about the Stickers for Rewards stuck or resets to 0 error of Monopoly Go. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. If it was, we suggest you check our other Monopoly Go guides. We have covered many topics related to trade and Stickers, such as how to get Golden Stickers and when Trade Resets are in the game.