Stellar Blade Will Have an ‘Uncensored’ Global Release

Developed by Korean studio Shift Up, the upcoming action-adventure video game Stellar Blad will have an uncensored version worldwide release. Developers at Shift Up have boldly decided to release the “uncensored” version in a recent announcement. This PlayStation 5 exclusive has already garnered significant attention for its fast-paced combat and engaging storyline, but also many negative remarks due to the design of the main protagonist.

Stellar Blade Will Have the Same Uncensored Version Across the Global

On April 21, Stellar Blade’s official Twitter account confirmed that the game would be released in an uncensored format for all regions, including Japan. This announcement sets Stellar Blade apart, as Japan’s video game regulatory system, CERO, is typically quite strict regarding violence, blood, and gore. Despite the potential challenges, Shift Up wants o to give players an identical experience worldwide.

In the tweet, the developers stated, “Stellar Blade offers the same uncensored version in all countries, including the Japanese version.” This decision ensures players across regions enjoy the full, immersive experience without content restrictions.

This announcement coincides with a period during which PlayStation titles have faced regional variations. Players have frequently criticized these changes, perceiving them as censorship. The topic of regional variations in video games has sparked debate among players, who argue that alterations to content detract from the original creative vision.

Stellar Blade Will Have the Same Uncensored Version Across the Global

Stellar Blade’s Story and Gameplay

In Stellar Blade, players control EVE, a powerful protagonist tasked with saving humanity from an alien species known as the Naytiba. The game features intense combat with considerable blood and dismemberment, adding to the game’s high-stakes gameplay. The demo lets players see the dark and bloody elements in Stellar Blade’s gameplay and cinematic sequences.

Negative & Positive Reception by Players?

The announcement of an uncensored global release has been met with excitement from fans eagerly anticipating the game. Many have taken to social media to express their appreciation for Shift Up’s commitment to providing a unified experience for all players. Some fans even suggest that Stellar Blade could be a contender for Game of the Year due to its innovative gameplay and dedication to storytelling.

Some people are upset about how the main female character, Eve, looks in Stellar Blade. They think her outfit shows too much skin and her body is unrealistic. This makes some people feel like the game is not friendly to everyone and doesn’t help make video games more inclusive. People in the gaming world are trying to create games that include different types of people and characters. Even Pokemon GO recently got an update that automatically changes player avatars to include more body types.

Despite these concerns, many gamers are still excited about Stellar Blade because it has beautiful graphics and fun fighting. Game developers listen to what people are saying and work to make the game better. We’ll have to wait and see how they fix these issues and if it changes how people feel about the game when it comes out on April 26, 2024.