Why Alan Wake 2 Is Not On Steam?

Confused why isn’t Alan Wake 2 on Steam? Here’s where you can find out if the Alan Wake sequel will ever come to Steam and its possible release date.

After 13 years of waiting, Alan Wake 2 is the most ambitious release by Remedy Entertainment. The anticipated sequel is available on all the new-gen consoles and PC platforms. However, the game is exclusively on Epic Games Stores on PC. That said, the sequel game is not available on Steam which is making players quite confused.

As for the players that prefer the latter, they might even wait for a year for its Steam release date. But will Alan Wake 2 ever come to Steam? Here’s where you can find out everything about it.

Why Isn’t Alan Wake 2 on Steam?

why alan wake 2 isnt on Steam
Image Source – Remedy Entertainment on YouTube.

Since the Epic Games Store is the Publisher of Alan Wake 2, it has funded the development of the sequel game. Its exclusivity might be due to a deal with Remedy Entertainment to keep the game on the platform. As a publisher, Epic gets to take the final call about such decisions. Talking to PC Gamer on a call, Epic CEO Tim Sweeny confirmed such games will be exclusives to Epic Games Store for a “long time“. A silver lining over here is that the CEO didn’t state their exclusivity will last forever.

For example, Epic Games secured 1-year exclusivity deal for Remedy’s Control. However, on the first anniversary of the game, Control: Ultimate Edition was released on Steam. But on a similar note, the remastered version of the original Alan Wake was also funded and distributed by Epic. While you can get the original game on Steam, the remastered version is available only on Epic Games Store.

So, it might take some before (and if) Alan Wake II is released on Steam. At present, the only way to play the game is through buying it from the Epic Games Store. You can check out our available Alan Wake 2 Performance Review to know if it’s worth buying or playing.

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