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Elden Ring Stealth Explained – Items & Spells To Increase Stealth

How does Stealth work in Elden Ring and what are the items, spells and armor that helps you move undetected? Read this guide to know more.

In the initial part of the game, players will depend on either stealth or riding away on Torrent as a way to, well, avoid dying violently. So, how does stealth work in Elden Ring – when should you choose to be stealthy and when should you go all-out with full confidence? Plus, are there any items or spells that let you sneak better? Let’s discuss this today.


Elden Ring Stealth Explained – How does it Work?

Players can take down unsuspecting enemies by crouching (press the left analog stick on your controller – L3 & X on PC ). This will help you move around silently without making yourself the center of attention and that’s something you truly want to avoid in a game like Elden Ring until you are OP. If you decide to approach enemies from behind by making use of tall grass while crouching, that works too. But crouching does make you slower and you can combat this problem with a certain armor set mentioned below.

elden ring stealth items


Items that Improve Stealth

For players who want to navigate The Lands Between like an Assassin/Ninja with a Stealth build, here are some recommendations. With this, your goal would be to avoid as many enemies as possible and die less often. Making sure your footsteps are quiet will give you more time to think about the strategy to kill a nearby enemy, instead of having them charge toward you because you made too much noise.

Black Knife Armor – Best Stealth Armor in Elden Ring


The Black Knife Armor set will ensure you make the least possible noise and move from one place to another without alerting enemies of your presence. Once you see a foot icon at the top left, it means that you are moving around very quietly.

Crepus’s Vial

The Crepus’s Vial is a Talisman that removes all sound made by your character during movement. You can find it during the Volcano Manor questline from the corpse of an enemy.


Concealing Veil

Concealing Veil is a Talisman that will conceal your character while crouching away from enemies. You can find this item in Altus Plateau – collect it from the Black Knife Assassin in Sage’s Cave (Western Cliffs of Altus Plateau). Get to it via the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace,

Unseen Form

Unseen Form is a spell that makes the caster semi-invisible. With this sorcery, you and your horse become translucent and you can move around stealthily. Players can either avoid enemies with the help of this spell or catch them off guard. If the distance between you and the enemy is too less though, they will attack. Plus, this spell does not have a 100% guarantee on every enemy – some foes are way too powerful and they will still see you despite casting this spell. This sorcery requires 16 Intelligence.

Players can get Unseen Form after completing the Mirage Rise puzzle in Altus Plateau. Once you have solved the riddle, go to the top of the tower and get this sorcery as well as some more rewards.

Assassin’s Approach

As the name of this Incantation suggests, it gives you the chance to silence your character’s footsteps while moving or crouching. Plus, Assassin’s Approach also reduces fall damage. Players require 10 Faith to be able to use this magic. If you’ve chosen the Confessor class, it will be your starting incantation whereas if not, you can simply buy it from Miriel, the Pastor of Vows. Players will have to give him the Assassin’s Prayerbook first and you can find this item in Roundtable Hold.

Here’s a video that shows a Stealth/Assassin Build in action:

Remember that along with Stealth that you can use to avoid lower-level enemies, you can use ranged weapons (like a Shortbow) to drain the health of those at a distance. If you are planning to take the stealthy route in Elden Ring, with appropriate armor, talismans, sorceries, and patience, you can get a unique experience as compared to those going full-on combat mode.