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How To Sprint, Sneak & Hide In Elden Ring

Here's how to run faster and sneak/hide in Elden Ring to avoid enemies or kill them stealthily.

Elden Ring’s players are trying out various strategies to take down enemies big and small. Unless your character is overpowered, players will have to use tactics that involve running away from the enemy as well as being stealthy. For this purpose, here’s how to sprint, sneak and hide in Elden Ring.


How to Sprint & Run Faster in Elden Ring?

To sprint in Elden Ring, press and hold the B button (Xbox players) or Circle button (PS players). This can be useful when you wish to run faster to get to a location or simply evade an attack from the boss/any other enemy. This won’t make you run super fast, but it will be faster than your walking. Also, remember that you can sprint infinitely while navigating the land, but if you encounter an enemy and get into a fight, the stamina meter will come into the picture.

How to Sneak in Elden Ring to Avoid Enemies Or Perform Stealth Kills?


how to sneak stealth kill elden ring

To crouch/sneak in Elden Ring, press the left analog stick (L3) on your controller. This will come in handy if you want to sneak past and avoid certain enemies along the way or kill them stealthily. Use this especially when you are on the way back to the location where you died to collect the dropped Runes.

Don’t forget Ruin Fragments which are crafting materials and also, throwable items. You can find them while exploring Limgrave, Stormhill, Liurnia of the Lakes, and more locations. Players can craft Rainbow Stone, Scriptstone, Glowstone, and Rainbow Stone Arrow from these Fragments and also throw them to distract or lure enemies while sneaking.


How to Hide in Elden Ring?

how to hide in elden ring

While sneaking will allow you to move from one location to another without being noticed, sometimes you just might have to hide from enemies and wait for a while. To hide in Elden Ring, you need to crouch by pressing L3 and hide behind areas such as walls, rocks etc. Players can use this to observe enemies and decide the strategy to kill them. In case you want to get out of the situation right away, summon your trusty horse and ride away (outside of dungeon areas).


This is all about how to sprint, sneak and hide in Elden Ring and how to use them to stealth kill. We’ve got lots of strategy guides to make your journey as a Tarnished slightly easier and they are all in our Elden Ring tips and tricks section.