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Next State of Play Between August 5-11 & More Third-Party PS5 Games Reveal Will Take Place, Journalists Claim

It is expected that Sony will hold a State of Play live stream in August and as an alternative to Gamescom 2020, which is currently updated.

The famous editor of VentureBeat, Jeff Grubb, has posted an updated schedule that includes details about when the next State of Play would take place, that is, between August 5th and 11th.

Previously, it was reported that it would take place on August 6th, which would be the same day as the Listen with Sony event, which is about audio products such as headsets. You can check the same event below on August 6th.

In addition, the former editor of GameInformer, Imran Khan, has heard from various sources that Sony is planning the next State of Play in August. According to his sources, more third-party games are to be shown this time, including some surprises.

Of course, this cannot be seen as confirmation, since Sony has not yet commented on another State of Play, except that it will be available again for all fans. The announcement of the show has always been very short-term, which should also be the case this time.

Should there actually be a new State of Play soon, information about the hardware and software of PS5 may be expected in addition to new games also. The WRC developers had inadvertently spoken too early this week about the PS5 Activities system, which is likely to become part of the new user interface.

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