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PlayStation 5 Unannounced Feature Called ‘Activities’ Details Leaked

Today we got the first details about the Activities function of the PlayStation 5. According to an insider who is considered to be a reliable source, the official reveal of the feature should take place shortly.

Over the past few months, the leaders of Sony Interactive Entertainment have said the mission of PlayStation 5 is to improve the overall user experience. An undertaking that is apparently to be tackled with the so-called “Activities” feature.

For the “Activities” feature we got the first details today, which could be found in a preview article by Gamereactor now archived. Even if the article was removed from the network after a short time, the relevant details have been haunting the internet ever since. The information on the “Activities” function of the PS5 is said to come from a presentation of the off-road racing game WRC 9.

According to Gamereactor, the “Activities” feature will make it possible to access the rally game itself or selected content such as races or activities from the PlayStation 5 dashboard and tackle them without delay. Thus, the rumors of the past few months that emerged after a patent was discovered by Sony Interactive Entertainment that spoke of a direct gameplay solution is now underway.

An official statement on the “Activities” function of the PS5 is still pending. According to the analyst and Daniel Ahmad alias ZhugeEx, who is regarded as a reliable insider source, the official presentation of the feature should take place shortly. Could it be that far in the context of the State of Play in August, which recently appeared again and again in the rumor mill?

“This is something we should start hearing more about soon. Deep level integration between the PS5 OS and Games to improve the overall experience for users,” said Ahmad.

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