State Of Decay 2: Best Skills And Traits To Use

Find out which are the best Skills and Traits to use in State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2 allows you to add Skills and Traits to your survivor in the game. These skills and traits will give your character a few stat buffs. This in turn will allow you to see off the zombies with relative ease in the game. So, scroll down and have a look at the list of best Skills and Traits.

Best State of Decay 2 Skills

State Of Decay 2 Best Skills And Traits


You are now in the Zombie apocalypse. The horde has gone through every animal for miles around. But, do you know what zombies can’t do? Swim. Yes, zombies aren’t aquatic creatures. Who knew right?

In such a situation it is beneficial to have the Fishing skill. This will make sure that you don’t starve your way to becoming a brain muncher. Having a survivor with the angler trait will also reduce morale by 3. But, this is a worthy tradeoff in the long run. When used with some of the other skills you will find further in this list, you will get huge bonuses in the game. Nor will you ever go hungry again.

Pinball Skills in State of Decay 2

Pinball is a quirk skill in the game. With this skill equipped you will get -25% in Gun Durability Loss, +100 Shooting Experience Rate, and Knowledge of Mechanics. All of these will increase your gun handling skills by quite a good margin.

These are realistically 3 of the best stat buffs that you can add to your character in the game. If you heavily depend on using weapons in the game, this skill will be your best friend. So, if you decide to go all out with guns blazing, you won’t have to worry about your gun jamming up. The Shooting Experience buff also allows you to aim better.

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Chemistry is one of those skills that has dual benefits depending on the path you choose. Once you get to Level 7 in the game, you can split the skill into either Pharmacology or Munitions.

These both are pretty self-explanatory. If you choose Pharmacology you will get access to better medication and pain killers. It will also give your infirmary a boost. This in turn will also boost morale stats. If you happen to choose Munition, you will get a higher ammo production as well as the ability to craft thermite and C4. Nothing better than blowing away some zombies, is there?

Driving Skills in State of Decay 2

This is truly one of the most useful skills in the game. It has a wide variety of benefits. However, this requires you to level up the skill completely. Only then are the stat buffs worth it.

Once you get the skill leveled up completely, you will get 100% fuel efficiency. So, no more pesky and risky refuels. It’s almost like driving an EV in the apocalypse. Vehicle damage also reduces along with a decrease in the noise by 50%. This skill will allow you to travel between destinations with relative ease and peace of mind.


Possibly one of the most overlooked and underrated skills in the game. This skill too has dual benefits. It is a skill that will boost survivability and medical skills.

One of the main boosts and buffs you will get is that at the start of the day you will recieve 2 meds. And medicines are a pretty rare occurrence in the middle of a worldwide apocalypse. In addition, it will also boost your gardening skills which will boost your agricultural income amount. This in turn will allow you to trade and purchase better items and upgrades.

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Best State of Decay Traits

State Of Decay 2 Best Skills And Traits

Keeps Hidden Pouches

There are only so many resources that you can carry in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. And you will be needing a lot of them as your local supermarkets are indefinitely shut.

In such a case the Keeps Hidden Pouches trait comes in handy. This trait will give your resource carrying capacity a huge boost. Now, you won’t have to choose between resources in the game or leave behind important stuff. Very handy trait to have equipped as you go for long resource runs.

With this trait you get:

  • +10 Light Carrying Capacity
  • +10 Max Carrying Capacity
  • +1 Max Consumable Stack

Survival Hunter Skills and Traits in State of Decay 2

If you find yourself in a landscape that has been razed by brain-eating monsters, you will have to make sure that you consume lesser food. This is because there isn’t a lot of food to go around.

To utilize whatever you have to the highest amount, you should use the Survival Hunter trait. With this trait equipped you will get -50% Food Consumed Per Day. This will allow you to handle and conserve your resources in a much better manner. Additionally, there is also a Hero Perk that will get you +1 food daily. It is one of the best traits to have when you go out for long scavenging runs.

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Diehard Veteran

Are you one of those people that want to do everything on their own? Or do you want to go toe to toe with zombies? In that case, you need to have the Diehard Veteran trait equipped.

You also get the Heroism Fighting Skill in the form of an additional perk. This will further decrease injuries, increase max health and decrease the amount of stamina consumed in melee attacks. Now, you will actually be able to go directly up to the zombies and take the fight to them.

With this trait you will get the following buffs:

  • -40% Injury Severity
  • +100 Infection Resistance
  • +10 Light Carrying Capacity

Office Material Skills and Traits in State of Decay 2

Officer Material is one of the best traits to have. It will make you one of the smartest characters in the game, along with boosting morale in your group.

This trait will allow you to increase the number of Wit skills that you get in the game. The morale boost is also too good to ignore and will allow you to become a leader in the game.

With this trait equipped, you will get:

  • +50% Wits Experience Gain
  • +6 Morale

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Bright-Eyed Recruiter

Bright-Eyed Recruiter is actually the same trait as Patient Caretaker. They are usually shown together in the game. So, if you see either of them, it is a good idea to pick them up.

This trait has the highest possible Morale boost that you can get in the game. It is good enough to shrug off any other buffs that reduce the morale. Once you equip this trait, you will get an increase in Morale by 15 units. Now, you can effectively become a leader in the game and a good one at that too.

This is everything you need to know about the State of Decay 2 Skills and Traits. Here at Gamer Tweak, we cover all your favorite games, so make sure to check out some of our other Video-Game Guides.