Games Like It Takes Two: Best Alternatives To Play Co-Op

Here are the games that are similar to It Takes Two.

It Takes Two left a lasting impact on us players by redefining the boundaries to how a video game could make us feel.  From the gameplay to the story and environment, the game is so addictive that it truly pains when the game ends. So to get you a similar experience, here is a list of the best games like It Takes Two.

Best Co-op Games like It takes Two

Here are the best games that are like It Takes Two:

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is a space shooter that is a 1 to 4 co-op action game. The game is beautiful, colorful and will mesmerize you just by the simplicity of the game. The graphics will take you back in time and get you nostalgic in this era of depth and graphical advancement. Though simple, the gameplay successfully puts out its story. You as a player pilot a spaceship with three stations that collectively are the pillars of the story. You have to be on your toes to maintain the balance between the attacks and defenses, engine, and maps that these stations represent. The game overall will hit you home taking you back to times when you just started gaming.

We Were Here

We Were Here

With only a walkie-talkie and some serious unwavering confidence, you are out on a frozen land lost trying to find your partner. To do this, you have to coordinate with your partner inside the rooms of an abandoned castle. There are a lot of puzzle elements to solve and the smell of desperation is in the air. Use the lifeline in your hand and survive the game. There will be times that the environment will get harder and the distance will just keep getting longer and longer, but this is the kick of the game.

Never Alone

Never Alone Games like It takes Two

Next on our Games Like It takes Two list is Never Alone. Never alone has its roots in traditions and the gameplay is presented itself in an oral tale form. It submerges you into the life of Nuna and her Arctic fox that you can switch the playable roles between. It is a puzzle platformer with wisdom insights that will help you save your village from the blizzard. With an unforgiving environment and some powerful enemies to beat, you try to restore the balance of nature on this wonderful journey.

A Way Out

A Way Out Games like It takes Two

A co-op where two prisoners try to break out of prison, this game is an action-adventure where the screen can be split into two for 2 players to play. The game is different and unique in its own way. Both the main characters of the story have to coordinate yet have their own storyline at the same time. Save your companion and have your own little adventure out there by escaping prison and hiding from the authorities. The game introduces you to the meaning of true companionship when your lives are on the line and the sacrifices that you have to go through to prove your part.

Portal 2

Portal 2 Games like It takes Two

With a number of awards and nominations under its belt, Portal 2 is a platform puzzler with the main two characters as robots that are monitored by GLaDOS AI. The character has an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device that is used to navigate between test chambers and solving puzzles. The mechanics of the game are completely unique and that is the best part of it. Initially, you will be spending a few levels just to understand the mechanism and that is what will get you hooked to the game. This game is a personal favorite and I suggest you definitely play it.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Created by a film director, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is a masterpiece and there is no denying that. Players will live the magical journey of two brothers fighting enemies and solving puzzles. The game has dual virtual joysticks that are designed just for the game which can control both the brothers. The game is very moving and the cinematic angle of it is unbeatable. There is everything from action to emotion to the story which makes the game an all-rounder.

She Remembered Caterpillars

She Remembered Caterpillars
Strange and bizarre, She Remembered Caterpillars is a color-based puzzle game. Tho sounding weird, the game has a unique narrative that brings out the relationship between a parent and child that go through a number of obstacles in their life. As you progress in the game, you will be met with harder and harder puzzles that will resemble the fungi-punk aesthetic. Nothing in this game may seem normal but that is the beauty of it. Every color in the game talks to you and makes the game more and more intricate as you go down the depths of the gameplay.

My Brother Rabbit

My Brother Rabbit

My Brother Rabbit will show you the world from a child’s perspective. The reality is warped with unimaginably alluring imaginations that will make you forget the world that is in existence. An adventure puzzler, a little girl who falls terribly ill escapes away in her own mind with her rabbit and they go on adventures together. Logic is out the window and we mean in a good context here becomes sometimes that is all we need. We play video games to sometimes forget reality and enter a creation of a universe that aims to forget. That is beautifully captured by this game.


Psychological horror with survival undertones, the game is an absolute treat to play. It gets dark and nerve-wracking that will get you an adrenaline kick every now and then. Searching for your lost son in the Pennsylvania forest, you will have to go out and solve mysteries and shoot stuff which will give you a complete horror vibe. The game can be a little bit slow but that is when the character of the S.O.N creeps into you.

Come With Me

Come With Me
Enter in a magical world where you get to solve puzzles in a two-player co-op mode. The game is magical, literally where you can collect memories and solve the mysteries of the world. Come With Me has a simplistic design with no unwanted complications and smooth gameplay. There is an aspect of mystery all the time in the air and the environment induces you.

So these are all the Games like It takes Two. If you would like to know the top 10 games like MapleStory, we have an article on that too for you to check out.