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Best Multiplayer Horror Games To Play With Your Friends 2023

We've listed the best co-op horror games you can play with your friends!

Players often debate the possibilities that come up when the Best multiplayer horror games are in discussion. To help you put an end to these debates, we’re here with this guide enlisting 20 of the very best multiplayer games there are. Remember that this list has been curated keeping a lot of factors in mind. With players having their own preferences, the games in discussion keep shuffling ranks. Follow this list to know which are the 20 best Co-Op horror games you can play with your friends.

20 Best Horror Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends 2023

The genre of horror games invites notions of nerves and gets one’s adrenaline pumping. While some might argue that the addition of friends to a lobby takes away some of the trepidation, we think otherwise. To get you the best multiplayer horror experience, we’ve curated a list of the best games in the genre.

Dead By Daylight

dead-by-daylightDead By Daylight was a game that took a surge in popularity thanks to streamers and its involvement of iconic horror movie villains. This game has been ever-growing with respect to in-game characters. These aren’t just characters in-game, they’re pretty iconic monstrosities! Dead By Daylight is really one of those games that makes you scratch your brains when playing. So if your friends and you are anything like the squad from TBBT, this one’s meant for you.


phasmophobiaPhasmophobia, shortly after its launch, grew extremely popular. Unlike most games on this list- Phasmophobia isn’t your traditional kill the evil spirits/monsters/demons game. It’s one that requires nerve, coordination, and swift action. You and 3 other friends must work together in order to gather as much evidence as you can. You do this using the gadgets and tools at your disposal. Depending on how much evidence you’ve gathered, you’ll earn in-game currency to upgrade your arsenal and explore more challenging locations. The one aspect that we really liked about this game is the fact that no matter what you do, your enemy is invincible. So all you need is evidence, not violence.

Killing Floor 2

killing floor 2If massacring grotesque creatures in the hundreds is your thing, Killing Floor 2 is what you’re after. The game features a huge variety of weapons you can use to repeatedly slaughter the hordes of Zeds. These horrifying abominations will seek to tear you apart limb-to-limb. Each wave’s progression only increases their abilities, spawns mini-bosses, and makes the game more demanding. If you and your friends need a stress buster- We highly recommend the absolute annihilation of zeds that this game offers.

Unfortunate Spacemen

unfortunate spacemenThe best way to describe this game is to make one imagine Among Us and evolve it by 10 years. The game surrounds a group of astronauts seeking to fix an outpost and perform a few in-shuttle tasks while avoiding an excrescent shapeshifting alien-like creature. The game can get extremely nerve-wracking and will make you develop an in-game paranoia of sorts as you play. There are even weapon upgrades available in-game which you can use to kill the alien monster. As the monster, you can disguise yourself as one of the spacemen, sabotage their escapes and even use their guns while disguised to kill the spacemen. As we said, Among us evolved by 10 years.

No More Room in Hell

no more room in hellWhile the graphics don’t have much going for it – the game in itself is a pretty fun zombie shooter. This game has a few issues that stack up against it like the server matchmaking time and the stone age graphics. Before you give this game the thumbs down, remember it was originally a mod. In addition to the game coming together as its own, it is still pretty enjoyable and fun to play. If that wasn’t enough, the game is free. This game would work best if your friends to are into something a little old-school-themed.


deceitAnother game that resembles the outlay of Among Us is Deceit. The game is extremely similar to Unfortunate Spacemen, however, it is set in an even creepier location- An asylum. Deceit consists of players waking up as either innocent or infected in an asylum basement, needing to progress to the escape. An infected player comes to power when the lights go off and they can use this outage to kill the innocent. The game lets you kill the infected but only when they’re not in their terraform. You can, however, stun them and get them down. The game is really fun to play and honestly is pretty creepy- the perfect ingredients for a horror multiplayer title.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope

little-hopeThis game proves that you don’t need to have an all-out evil spirit elimination mechanic in-game to make it a good multiplayer horror experience. The game feels very much like you deciding the fate of a storyline. You’re sure to have a satisfying amount of in-game scares with this one. We don’t want to give too much away about this game, it’s something you really have to play to understand. It’s an interactive horror experience you will enjoy playing with your friends. This is probably among the best psychological horrors out there at the moment, so be sure to give it a try.

Resident Evil 5

resident evil vWhile Resident Evil 5 drew a lot of criticism from the community, the multiplayer mode drew a lot of praise. The game which was initially supposed to have its heart and soul committed to survival horror-  slowly took center stage as a co-op shooter. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the game and enjoy the fact that the enemies aren’t your boring regular zombies but rather ones with parasitic minds of their own. The franchise has grown a legendary reputation and this game definitely does live up to it, at least multiplayer-horror-wise.

The Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan

man of medanMan Of Medan resembles Until Dawn so closely, that the series director had to explain that both were entities completely separate from each other. The game is interactive and the progression of each character is interdependent on the choices you and your friends make. In addition to the story, the game is quite fun to play if you’re patient enough.  The gory second half is pretty much where this game shines. Try this out if you’re all in for an interactive horror experience with friends.

Dead Space 3

dead space 3We’d have easily mistaken this game for another Resident Evil installment if not for the name. In addition to some really good mechanics, it gets really intense with horrifying creatures springing up out of nowhere. Dead Space 3 is among the goriest horror co-op shooters out there, with a plethora of jumpscares awaiting you and your friends. You’ll enjoy this game a lot if in-game horror menace with grotesque fiend parts flying around is your sauce.

7 Days to Die

7 days to dieTake a glance at the game’s title and you’ll already pretty much gather all you need to know about it. The game is centered around using resources to build a fortress with your friends, using whatever is available to upgrade your arsenal, and then getting together whilst preparing to eliminate the barbaric monstrosities waiting to chew away at your flesh.

Sign Of Silence

sign of silenceThis game is very resemblant of a lot of childhood haunting movies. It is set in a town filled to the brim with nightmares and extremely disturbing creatures that are sure to get you the creeps and spooks. The survival horror co-op is definitely one that gets your adrenaline rolling so be sure to play this!

White Noise 2

white noise 2White Noise 2 gives players the ability to step into the shoes of investigators as they seek to detect the paranormal irregularities and avoid the creature that seeks to devour them hollow. In order to assist your cause, flashlights and utilities are available. This is a pretty creepy multiplayer horror title and is sure to give you and your friends the chills!

Cry of Fear

cry of fearCry Of Fear was originally developed to be one of those kickass mods for Half-Life 1. However, the extremely spooky mod turned out to be a stand-alone title in itself. In fact, it did pretty well on the multiplayer scene. If you like playing a creepy low graphic title with your friends that’s absolutely free- we recommend this one.

Friday The 13th

friday the 13Among the most iconic horror films in history- Friday the 13th had its very own video game version come out, much to the delight of fans. The game however turned out to be disappointing thanks to extremely unstable multiplayer server options. The game in itself was a very well-executed horror-survival title set in a 7v1 counselors vs Jason scenario. If you and your friends are fans of Friday the 13th, this game is right up your alley!


hunt showdownThis game feels perfect in every way imaginable. Want to shoot ghastly beings using insane weaponry? Done. Wish to knock off some annoying fellow humans? Done. Want to have a perfect balance of battle royale and multiplayer horror? Done. Additionally, the graphics are top-notch. This game has everything Be sure to check it, you’ll definitely enjoy all the hours you’ll spend on it!

The Blackout Club

the blackout clubThe Blackout Club involves you and your teammates being required to investigate an entity known as the Shape that has mind control powers. You need to avoid the mind-controlled sleepwalkers as you investigate and complete objectives in this multiplayer horror title. The game is centered around an investigative mystery, which you need to gather evidence of. You’ll enjoy this game with a few friends keen on playing creepy detectives.

Left 4 Dead 2

left 4 dead 2Among the most well-known horror multiplayer games, There’s a reason why Left 4 Dead 2 has such a huge fanbase. The game allowed players to slaughter wave after wave of zombies and the updates just made the game more unpredictable. Moreover, the multiplayer experience is enhanced with weapon and map mods that the community has crafted. This game has a legendary wind about it, without a doubt. You MUST try out this title.


gtfoA game that really blew us away with the intensity of the horror concentration was GTFO. You could go to the extent of calling it a more demanding version of Left 4 Dead 2. You and your friends will have to scavenge the place for resources, items, and utilities while hunting down creepy barbarities. The weaponry and mechanics feel extremely satisfying and the in-game noises and voice-overs are pretty realistic too. We highly recommend this game to those who really love a good multiplayer with a fearful horror experience.

Dying Light

dying lightThis one is a game that really has a lot of in-game content with a wide array of things to do. There’s really so much the open-world horror survival shooter option brings to the party. You craft and coordinate with your teammates to hunt down nests, take on really powerful zombies, and shoot them down.  If this wasn’t enough, you can take the form of the zombie and choose to destroy everyone. The graphics are incredibly impressive and we guarantee you to have an insanely satisfying horror multiplayer experience with this title.

There you have it! We’ve listed the very best game titles in the co-op horror genre that you can play and we hope you liked it. Also, check out this article that lists the best cross-platform games you must play.