Starving Artists Shirt ID Codes

Today let's look at how to easily create, find, & get Roblox Starving Artists Shirt ID codes to sell for Robux in the game.

Roblox Starving Artists has become the most known game focused on the idea of donating coins to other players. The game lets you create your own pixel artworks and sell them to other players. These players can then pay for your artwork using Robux. This will help Roblox to become a medium for pixel artists other there to make money. Today we will you show how to create, find, and get Shirt ID in Roblox Starving Artists.

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How to Get Roblox Starving Artists Shirt ID Codes

Roblox Starving Artists Shirt IDs

Here’s how to get and use Roblox Starving Artists Shirt ID:

  1. Go to Roblox Shirt PNG Template page
  2. Download it, and make your shirt
  3. Now open the Roblox Create webpage
  4. Select “Shirts” or “T-Shirts” from the left tab
  5. Now click on “Choose File”
  6. Give it a name you like
  7. Now click on “Upload”
  8. Once done click on the triple dotted button
  9. Each shirt will have their own button
  10. This will give you a drop-down
  11. Select “Configure”
  12. The new Configure menu will open up now
  13. From left, click on “Sales”
  14. Now click on the “Item for Sale” toggle
  15. Make sure it is Enabled
  16. Now go to Roblox Store
  17. Find the shirt
  18. Or find it from the “your creations” option
  19. Now check the URL on the web browser
  20. Your Shirt ID is the number after “”
  21. Take this number
  22. Use this ID to enter in Starving Artists

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It will cost you a 10 Robux fee to sell Shirts & T-Shirts in Roblox. But just to upload T-Shirts it’s free. But Shirts will still cost Robux to upload. And once you sell the item, you will get 60% revenue share, and “Starving Artists” devs will get a 10% revenue share. The rest will go to Roblox itself.

That’s everything to know about how to create, find, and get Shirt ID in Roblox Starving Artists. While you are here, make to check out our Roblox Game Codes for free rewards in other popular Roblox games.

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