Stranded Deep Starting Survival Tips & Tricks (Beginner’s Guide)

Take a look at the beginner's tips to start an adventurous journey in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep is one of the most realistic survival games, and it was developed by Beam Team Games. Here you’ll play a role of a survivor who survived a plane crash but ended up stuck on an Island in the Pacific Ocean. The main goal will be to hunt and craft things to stay alive at any cost. As easy as it may sound, it isn’t, low supplies can starve you to death. Furthermore, the island is filled with dangerous and poisonous creatures. So make sure to take every step carefully and use items efficiently. If you are a newcomer and want to know more about the game, then we are here to help. Below we have mentioned all the starting tips & tricks that can help you get a grip on Stranded Deep.

All Stranded Deep Starting Tips to Get You Started


Here’s a beginner’s guide consisting of all the starting tips & tricks to survive easily in Stranded Deep. Before you move ahead don’t forget your main objective is to explore and collect resources to survive.

  • Keep Track of Vitals
  • Don’t Drink or Eat Too Much Coconut
  • Craft Water Still
  • Be Aware of Poisonous Creatures
  • Store Items Properly
  • Build Raft
  • Trees Don’t Grow Back
  • Check Shipwrecks
  • Plant Potatoes
  • Save Game

These are all the tips & tricks that you should keep in mind while exploring the island. For a better understanding let’s take a look at the survival tips in detail.

Keep Track of Vitals

After you step out of the Life Raft don’t forget to drag it to the shoreline and try not to lose your paddle. Once done, the first thing you should do is take a look at your wristwatch and keep track of your Vitals. If your Water vitals are low, then go ahead and drink some Coconut water. Furthermore, If the hunger vital is low, then hunt some crabs or catch some fish. And if the SPF vital is low then dive into the water for a while or stand under a shade area. That’s because even the UV rays are pretty deadly in this game.

Don’t Drink or Eat Too Much Coconut

As mentioned earlier, you can drink coconut water to stay hydrated, but too much of it will get you sick. Drinking more than 2 coconuts back to back will give you Diarrhea and the water vital will start decreasing rapidly. So now you know, 2 is the limit and enough for a day to get you back on track.

Craft Water Still

If your water vitals are still low then you can always craft a Water Still and it’ll generate some water for you. This device will also collect the water droplets that’ll surely come in handy. So, try to craft more than 1 Water Still and you’ll be good to go. If you are unaware of the materials you are going to need then follow the recipe mentioned below.

  • 3x Rocks
  • 1x Palm Frond
  • 1x Coconut Flask
  • 1x Cloth
  • 1x Lashing

Be Aware of Poisonous Creatures

One of the most important starting tips for Stranded Deep is to be prepared to come across several dangerous and poisonous creatures. That’s because the island is filled with them and will strike you whenever they get a chance. And on the other hand, you are only provided with a single bandage at the beginning of the game. So watch your steps for starfish or snakes and craft weapons as soon as possible.

Store Items Properly

Once you are stable, get started with the hunt to find survival items and materials to craft. Don’t worry you won’t be required to carry everything you get on the way. The items won’t despawn until you keep them safely in a container or under a proper shelter. The best place to store and keep your items safe is in the red container washed up on the shore.

Build Raft

If you still haven’t found everything you need then go ahead and build a Raft to explore other islands in the Pacific Ocean. In order to do so, you’ll need plenty of wood and other materials. Before moving ahead, make sure that you are at least Level 2 and have a Hammer ready to go with. Until then try not to lose the Life Raft and it’s oar you got there.

Trees Don’t Grow Back

In Stranded Deep, not all gameplay mechanics are that realistic. Here if you chop off a tree, it won’t grow back again, forcing the player to explore other islands. So try to use the wood you get efficiently. Players can even find some sticks and pieces of wood lying on the ground or near the shore further ahead in the game. However, on the other hand, you can always plant some Yucca and Palm saplings to obtain its leaves and other crafting materials.

Build Shelter

Building Shelter at the early stages of the game is another one of the starting tips for you to survive longer in Stranded Deep. Doing so will not help you store food and other resources. Moreover, also allow you to relax when the SPF vitals are low.

Save Game

In Stranded Deep you won’t be getting an Auto Save option to store your progress. So if you don’t want to lose your progress then save your game manually often and you’ll be good to go.

These are all the starting survival tips & tricks to survive in Stranded Deep easily. While you are here check out how you can use a Compass in the game.