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How to complete Emote as Tony Stark Challenge & find Stark Workshop in Fortnite?

Stark Workshop is somewhere on the map, want to save your time searching then check this guide.

In one of the Fortnite Season 4 Final Weekly challenges, you will have to emote as Tony Stark in Stark’s Workshop. For this, you will have to find the Workshop first, and also unlock Tony Stark’s skin first. So there are two primary requirements to complete the challenge. To help you I am going to share the exaction location where you will find Tony Stark’s workshop in Fortnite Season 4. It is not that tough to find, located somewhere in the center region of the map refer the map screenshot below to know the exact spot.

Where to find Stark’s Workshop in Fortnite Season 4?

Stark’s Workshop is located at the center of the map, on the east of the Authority. There is no exact name of the spot but check the map below. On the east side of The Authority, you will see a house. Outside the house, there is a tent kind of structure. This is Tony Stark’s workshop. If you are somewhere in this region while playing and already have Tony Stark’s skin then you can just use the emote and complete the challenge.

Stark Workshop Location Fortnite Season 4

Finding the right spots matters the most. Many players put a lot of time into locating things for example the Bifrost Location or Mountain Ruins to complete Thor’s Weekly challenge. Both spots are located in distinctive places, and if players are not aware of where to land they will waste a lot of time running around.

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