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How to find Mountain Ruins to Complete Emote as Thor Challenge?

In of the challenges you will have to emote as Thor in a distinct location in Fortnite Season 4. Check this guide to know more about the secret location.

Marvel Cross-over event brings in new and tricky challenges in Fortnite Season 4. In of the challenges you will have to use Thor Emote as Thor on a distinct mountain top. I will be helping you in completing the task. For this, before you will have to unlock Thor Skin, it cannot be completed without that. Similar to completing the Bifrost Location Challenge, which also requires Thor’s skin this one also needs the same thing.

How to find Mountaintop Ruins in Fortnite Season 4?


The first step is to unlock Thor’s Skin and later more new challenges unlocked. One of them is finding Mountaintop Ruins which is located on the south end of the map. You will have to travel a lot if you are on the ground and somewhere in the center, east, west, or north region. It is quiet at the bottom near the season. The below map screenshot will help you to find Mountain Top Ruins where you have to land and emote as Thor. One single task and the challenge are completed giving you access to other challenges and new rewards.

Fortnite Season 4 Mountain Top Ruins

Focus your landing towards Misty Meadows, which is on the extreme south end of the map. You will have to keep an eye on a snowy cliff. If you jump at the right time you will not miss this spot. Because climbing back again on the top of this mountain can be a pain. So best try to land on the mountain top where you can see some set of rocks. This is are ruins, stand in the center, and emote as Thor. The emote does the action of Thor lifting his hammer in the sky.


That’s it the challenge is completed. If you watch closely lots of Fortnite Season 4 weekly challenges are similar to this one. You have to find a spot and do something. For example rescuing the Sapling Groot, to unlock back bling or finding and defeating Dr. Doot to unlock Mystical Bomb, etc.

If you had not got Thor’s skin then you can unlock this via Battle Pass. And then comes finding the hammer which in the crater to the south of Salty Springs. The skin just comes with Thor’s outfit, you have to unlock the hammer separately. Thor’s Hammer is the best harvesting tool, it is more powerful than regular Pickaxe and it is also your flying gear.