How Much Stardust Does It Cost To Trade Shiny In Pokemon GO

Here is the stardust cost list to trade Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Trying to trade Shiny Pokemon with Stardust in Pokemon GO, but don’t know what the current exchange rate is in the game?. In this guide, we have explained all the Stardust trade rates and things that affect the amount. Pokemon GO is a game of effort as well as luck. Some players get Shiny Pokemon within just a few tries, while some try many times yet fail to acquire one. And that makes the trading system a necessity more than just a feature.

Stardust Costs to Trade Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

How Much Stardust To Trade Shiny In Pokemon Go

Stardust cost for trading Shiny Pokemon is affected by Friendship level and Pokedex. The Stardust required for exchanging Pokemon that aren’t registered in your Pokedex is several times more than the registered one. And this difference can be tremendous depending on what friendship level you are. Trading Pokemon with the Best Friends costs the lowest Stardust, even when Pokemon is not registered in your Pokedex. Before using this trade rate, you should use this lucky friend guide and get your friend to a level where Stardust’s cost is the lowest.

Friendship Level Registered Shiny Pokemon New Shiny Pokemon
Good Friends 20,000 Stardusts 1,000,000 Stardusts
Great Friends 16,000 Stardusts 800,000 Stardusts
Ultra Friends 1,600 Stardusts 80,000 Stardusts
Best Friends 800 Stardusts 40,000 Stardusts

How to Get Stardust for Trading

There are several ways to get Stardust in the game. You can hatch eggs to collect them, where a 12 km egg gives between 3,200 to 6,400 Stardust. Get Stardust from the daily gifts. Earn them from battling Team Go Rocket Grunts—complete field research to get them. And use Star Pieces to increase the amount of stardust you earn.

Now, you can use this Stardust trade cost list to exchange Shiny in Pokemon Go. Once you are done with that, check out our other Pokemon Go guides. You can start with how to evolve Mime Jr or even use these Pokemon Go friend codes to connect and play online with friends.