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Stardew Valley Bachelorettes Ranked – Who’s the best?

Wondering which Stardew Valley Bachelorette is perfect for you? Here we have ranked them telling you which is best.

Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulator based game. It allows players to get involved in various activities as well as choose a partner. In Pelican Town which is where the story unfolds in Stardew Valley there are a total of 12 potential partners for a player to choose from. A player can even choose to marry someone of the same gender. As it is in the real world, the relationships in Stardew Valley too are complicated and are ones where you need to invest time and put in considerable effort. In this list, we are focusing on the eligible bachelorettes and we’ve ranked them from okay-ish to best. For this list, we are looking at what these characters offer their partner in return.

Bachelorettes Ranked from 6 to 1: Lowest to Best


Starting from Leah you can scroll down to find the best characters in Stardew Valley.

6. Leah

Stardew Valley Leah


Leah is one of the more artistically skilled characters in Stardew Valley. She lives outside Marnie’s farm. Leah isn’t the most confident character. If a player does decide to get into a relationship with her, they can set up an art show for her or create an online portal for her to sell her artwork. Oh and also there is a jealous ex involved.

Leah is one of the easier characters to please. Her loved gifts such as cottage cheese, salads, stir fry, truffles, etc are a bit hard to get. However, her list of liked options includes more commonly available seasonal foraged items. Disappointingly she doesn’t provide many items after marriage. The best item she gives is coffee which boosts speed by +1.

5. Haley


Stardew Valley Haley

Not to be rude but the developer seems to have fashioned Haley after a stereotypical blonde girl image. A player can be forgiven for thinking Haley is a bit snobbish because she seems superficial. We suspect it might have something to do with the fact that her parents are always traveling.

Her loved gifts are difficult to acquire, especially at the start of the year. However, daffodils are a liked gift for her and if a player is looking to ask her out it might be wise to store up on some daffodils. After marriage, she offers hashbrowns which boosts farming by +1, and pancakes which boost foraging by +2.


4. Maru

Stardew Valley Maru

Maru is one of the smartest characters around. She is interested in science and technology and even goes on to make a sentient robot. This in turn leads to an emotional cut-scene with her father Demetrius.

Maru likes high-level gifts that are available only after reaching the higher levels in the mines. These include battery packs, iridium bars, miner’s treat, and diamonds among others. She uses these resources to make stuff for herself. The gifts she gives as a partner after marriage aren’t half bad either. She might even give a warp totem or bombs. The best foods she offers are crab cakes and fried mushrooms which give +1 speed and +2 attack respectively.

3. Emily

Stardew Valley Emily

Emily is one of the most wholesome characters in the game. She is quirky and has an outgoing personality. Emily believes in her dreams and aspirations and has a wide-eyed view of stuff. She isn’t dramatic and is an uplifting person in general.

Her loved gifts such as amethysts, emeralds, jades, rubies, etc are hard to find are usually found in the higher levels of the mine. Her liked gifts are quartz and daffodils which are easier to find. The best food items she gives are bean hotpot (+30 max energy and +32 magnetism) and coffee. She even gives Omni geodes at times.

2. Penny

Stardew Valley Penny

Penny is the most down to earth character in the entire game. That’s come about because of the environment she has grown up in. Due to this she constantly strives to be a better person. Penny also detests alcohol which might be due to her mother’s struggle with the same.

Penny’s loved gifts such as Tom Kha soup, red plate, poppyseed muffins, melons, etc are among the hardest to find in the game. However, her liked gifts such as dandelions are extremely easy to find in the first spring after summer. She usually hangs out at the museum library. Penny also offers a bunch of special meals such as hashbrowns, pancakes, crispy bass (+64 magnetism), and fried eel (+1 luck). If not for the considerable rewards and gifts the next character on this list gives her partner, Penny deserves the number 1 spot.

1. Abigail

Stardew Valley Abigail

Abigail is by far one of the most unique characters in the game. She has her own unique style and personality which makes her distinct and immediately visible. She likes sword fighting, playing video games, using a flute, and using the spirit board. Abigail is dead set on defying her parents’ expectations.

A player can usually find her in the saloon on Friday evenings. The gifts she loves are expensive: pufferfish, pumpkin, chocolate cake, and amethyst. However, quartz, which she likes to ‘eat’ is one of her liked items. The best meals she offers are tom Kha soup (+2 farming, +30 max energy), lobster bisque (+3 fishing, +50 max energy), and crab cakes (+1 speed, +1 defense). She also gives solar essence and void essence as well as bombs.

Now that you know who are the eligible bachelorettes in Stardew Valley, you can have a look at how to remove hay from a silo or how to get married.