Tips to get Hay Out of a Silo in Stardew Valley?

Done collecting hay for your chickens? Here’s a guide on how to get Hay out of a Silo in a Stardew Valley.

Hay there! Are you facing farming troubles? Looking to feed your hungry and clucking chickens? Well, look no further. Hay is an important feed for farm animals in Stardew Valley. While it has no monetary value it does keep your livestock healthy. It can be harvested using a scythe. If you use a normal scythe on grass, there will be a 50% chance that you will get a bale of hay and a 75% chance of a golden scythe is used. Upon doing the same the hay ends up in your Silo if you have constructed one. Each Silo has a storage capacity of 240 units of hay.

Hay is also obtained while harvesting wheat, where there is a 40 % chance of obtaining the same. Hay can also be purchased from Marnie’s ranch or from the Desert Trader. Here’s how you can get the Hay out of the Silo in Stardew Valley.

Get hay out of a Silo in Stardew Valley

Tips to get Hay Out of a Silo in Stardew Valley?

Now that you have cut the grass in and around your farm you will see that the hay is directly stored in your Silo. You can click on the front of your Silo and see the current storage capacity. If the hay is harvested by Junimos, it will be available in the Junimo Hut Storage. Marnie sometimes will send you 10 hay in the mail at random.

To remove the hay from the silo you will require the help of a hopper that usually comes with Barns or Coops. It cannot be picked up or moved. The hopper helps to move hay between the Silo and the player’s inventory. Hay can be dispensed by right-clicking on the Hay Hopper upon which it will be available to all the animals to eat. In a deluxe barn or a deluxe coop, the hay hopper has an automated feeding system so that the hay is moved to the feeding bench immediately.

If you get married in Stardew Valley you don’t have to worry about the farm animals going hungry as your spouse will do that for you, automatically filling the feeding bench.

Hay can actually also be stored in chests other than Silos. In order to do so, you have to simply withdraw the hay from the hopper and place it in the chest. Now that you have removed hay from your silo look at how to get married in Stardew Valley or how to feed chickens.