How To Get To The Star Hill In Super Mario RPG

Here’s how you can get to the Star Hill location easily in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG takes you to new locations as you keep on progressing the storyline. So each time you complete certain objectives, you get access to the next location. That said, it is also possible that missing out on an important objective can make you remain stuck in an area. Star Hill is one such area where you need to reach. But you will remain stuck on Marrymore if you don’t do this one objective.

Our guide here features the steps to get to the Star Hill in Super Mario RPG. So if you are unable to reach there as well, this guide can help you out.

How to Reach Star Hill in Super Mario RPG

How To Get To The Star Hill In Super Mario RPG

To unlock the Star Hill, you must give a Cricket Pie to the Frog Sage in Tadpole Pond. You can actually get this item right after defeating the Croco and collecting the Rare Frog Coin from him. In case you have the Rare Frog Coin with you, simply take it to the Item Shop in Mushroom Kingdom. In that Item Shop, you can exchange that Coin in exchange for a Cricket Pie.

How To Get To The Star Hill In Super Mario RPG

Once you have the Cricket Pie, take it to the Tadpole Pond and interact with Frog Sage. He will take the pie and your path towards Star Hill will be unlocked in Super Mario RPG. Aside from that, you will also receive a Froggie Stick that can be used by Mallow during combat.

Now that you have reached the Star Hill, you can continue with your stuck story missions. Alongside this, your quest for the Star Piece will also resume.

That covers everything you need to do to reach the Star Hill in Super Mario RPG. Apart from this, reaching the Yo’ster Isle is a difficult journey as well. But you can get to all those locations easily if you check out our guides on Gamer Tweak. We have covered all of them in our dedicated section for Super Mario RPG.