Is Royal Match Spyware?

Wondering if your personal information is being stolen from you? Find out if Royal Match is safe or Spyware.

Dream Games released Royal Match in 2021 and it quickly became popular, securing a solid fan base. You are able to level up in the game by solving puzzles and collecting rewards. The concept of the game is not hard to grasp and the in-game activities are fun yet challenging which makes it even more desirable.

However, some of the players have become doubtful about the working of this app and suspect whether this game is Spyware. Finding an answer to this question seems important since faulty apps are becoming more common these days. We will try and find out if this app might potentially be stealing our data or not in the guide below.

Is it Safe to Use Royal Match?

Is Royal Match Safe To Use
Source – Google Play Store

Like other apps, Royal Match will require access to certain functions on your device. Although this is not an alarming factor, panic sets in when you realize your data is being stolen. Let us first check what kind of data does this app collect.

  • It has access to all the data generated while playing the game. Your progress, in-game purchases, achievements, etc.
  • The game also allows you to add your social media account details. This is optional, however, if you have added them, personal details like your name, can be used strictly during in-game activities. Additionally, the game might also ask you to share the news about achieving certain milestones via these social accounts.
  • Here is some of the personal data Royal Match can collect directly from you – Contact Information, User generated content, Profile Information, Survey Information, Interferences, and Parental Information.
  • Lastly, we will mention all the information the game collects automatically – Analytics Data, Device Data, Location Data, and Commercial Information.
Is Royal Match Game Safe To Use
Source – Google Play Store

After thoroughly reviewing all the policies of this game, we have come to the conclusion that Royal Match is not Spyware and is safe to use. It has had 100+ Million downloads and has been given a whopping 4.6 Star rating on Google Play Store. Additionally, you can get this app from platforms like App Store and Google Play Store, which do not promote the use of any illegitimate apps.
The only grievance most players have is that the game might be misleading. This is because, initially Royal Match offers easy puzzles, however, as the game progresses, the levels get more difficult and you might need to take the help of boosters, which will cost you money.

We can conclude by saying that this game is safe and as long as it is downloaded from verified platforms like App Store and Google Play Store, none of your data is at risk. If you are looking for more Royal Match guides, you can find all the information you are looking for, right here on Gamer Tweak.