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How To Get A Spore Blossom In Minecraft

A complete guide on how you too can get beautiful Spore Blossoms in Minecraft.

Spore Blossoms are a new decorative item that has arrived in Part 1 of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. In this article, we’ll discuss what spore blossoms are and how you can get them in Minecraft. Let’s get into it.


What do Spore Blossoms in Minecraft do?

As mentioned earlier, Spore Blossoms are decorative flowers in Minecraft. They are aesthetically pleasing. These flowers emit tiny green particles that are called spores which make them look attractive. Spore Blossoms instill a sense of beauty and calmness when active. Each spore blossom emits spores for up to 22 blocks. You can only generate spore blossoms in the buffet or custom worlds. Spore blossoms only spawn naturally. You can stack up to 64 Spore Blossoms, just like many other blocks in Minecraft.

How to Get a Spore Blossom?

You can find Spore Blossoms in Minecraft by heading to the Lush Caves in the game.

minecraft lush caves

As Lush caves can only be found in the Creative World of the game, you will only be able to find Spore Blossoms in such a world. Once you’re there, you will find the Spore Blossoms hanging from blocks, emitting tiny green spores.


minecraft uses of spore blossom

To pick up spore blossoms, you do not need to use any tools or weapons. You can collect the Spore Blossoms by smacking them with your hand. Using shears to harvest spore blossoms will only consume the durability of the shear without any useful purpose.

Once you have collected the spore blossoms from the lush caves, you can place them wherever you like in the game. In order to place the spore blossoms, you will need a surface to hang the spore blossom flower from. You can place Spore Blossoms on the underside of any surface except leaves.

minecraft spore blossoms

How to Use It?


Spore Blossoms have no real purpose apart from being aesthetically-pleasing flowers. You can use these flowers to decorate your Minecraft world.

That brings us to the end of this article on how to get a spore blossom along with its uses. As you now know, Spore Blossoms make for great decorative pieces that are very pretty to look at.

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