Spiritfarer: How to Obtain Electrum Sheets

Here's a complete guide explaining how to get Electrum Sheets.

Spiritfarer’s glass and metal Sheet materials are necessary items that you will require for many late-game building and ship upgrades. Getting glass and metal Sheet materials in Spiritfarere is not much easy and that’s the reason why have written a step by step guide explaining how to obtain Electrum Sheets in Spirifater.

How to Get Electrum Sheets in Spiritfarer

In order to obtain Electrum Sheets in Spririfarer, you will have to craft a Smithy and obtain pieces of both Gold and Silver Ore, all of which must be available as long as you are in the end-game.

It would be quite easy to craft Smithy once you have gotten the final upgrade for your ship’s Blueprint Stand. Notably, you will have to shell out 12 Silica Powder, 5 Comet Powder, 5 Pulsar Ingots and 12 Ash Planks to construct. It will also cost you a little portion of your ship’s potential building space.

Don’t know where to get Gold and Silver Ore? Don’t worry, you can obtain both instantly by heading towards the corresponding Ore Dragons and playing their minigames. You can find the Silver Dragon in areas that need the Rock Crusher to enter while the Gold Dragon can be found around the waters near Albert’s Shipyard or past the walls of Mist.

After getting the necessary ore, you will need to head towards the Smithy and choose the Electrum Sheet option. Notably, each sheet will cost one Gold Ore and one Silver Ore to make, and in order to construct all of the facilities needed to complete every Spirit’s questline, you will need a decent amount of sheets.

There is no denying of the facts that it will take a lot of your time to obtain all the necessary materials needed to make a fair amount of sheets but once you managed to accumulate, you will be very close to completing the game.

That’s all you need to know to get Electrum Sheets in Spiritfarer.