How Spectating Friends Works In Fortnite (Explained)

Want to watch your friend’s match but don’t know how to? Our guide has everything you will need to spectate players or strangers in Fortnite.

While the battle royale is one of a kind, players often want to spectate in Fortnite. Whether you want to spectate your friend or another opponent, the process is quite simple. Players often use spectating as a way to strategize or more often than not, learn where they are making a mistake or two. While Epic Games has made a few changes, at least they still allow you to watch other players play.

The way in which you can spectate friends and strangers will differ a little. However, the common point is that you need to be in the lobby or playing the game to be able to do so. So if you want to pick other players’ minds, our guide will help you spectate your friends or other players in the lobby.

How Spectating Works in Fortnite

Fortnite Spectating Friends & Strangers
Image Source: Epic Games

While there was a Watch Game feature earlier, Epic Games removed it due to all the stream sniping. It was reported that players would open a streamer’s match on a different device or use the assistance of a friend to get the enemy locations. However, the unfair advantage that players got due to this caused Epic to turn off the Watch Game feature. Having said that, there is still a way for players to spectate in Fortnite and it’s rather simple.

To spectate a match, you need to be in your friend’s lobby. Once you join the lobby, you’ll first need to wait at least 30 seconds before you can watch what’s happening in the game. Spectating is not allowed while the players are still in the battle bus and as a result, the 30-second wait time that we mentioned.

While spectating a friend is quite easy, it’s completely different if you are looking to spectate a stranger. You can still watch players who eliminated you from the match. If the player who eliminated you gets eliminated by someone else, the spectator’s camera immediately moves to the next person. This can carry on till the last player remains standing.

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