How To Spawn Zombies In Minecraft Legends

Need some undead walkers around? Here is how you can spawn Zombies in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends features many different iconic mobs that you spawn including Zombies. This game takes an entirely different approach than the classic Minecraft. Despite being set in the same universe as Minecraft, it is a whole different genre of game. It mixes action and strategy by letting you have a controllable character and units you can command and order. Let’s look at how you can spawn and add Zombies to your army.

How To Get Zombie Spawns In Minecraft Legends

spawn zombies minecraft legends
Picture Credits: Youtuber PepperHomie

You can spawn Zombies in Minecraft Legends and add them to your army of mobs, and you really should since they are powerful. Zombies, when used right with the right strategy, can prove to be extremely effective against enemies and bases alike.

There are certain things you are going to need to do before you can get Zombies on your side. Firstly, find the Zombie village which is commonly in the Jungle Biome. Free them from the clutch of Piglins and they will now be friendly to you and fight for you.

After this, you will need to have Zombie Spawner in your base. Here is the list of things you will need for it:

  • Lapis x2
  • Redstone x2
  • Flame of Creation x1

While this is what you need to merely make the Zombie Spawner, there are more things that you will need in order to actually spawn a Zombie in Minecraft Legends. Here is what you need to spawn one zombie:

  • Redstone x5
  • Wood x25
  • Stone x25

Zombies are really strong units that have high amounts of health. They also come with a hat that makes it possible for them to walk around in the daylight because, in the original Minecraft, it is known they cannot survive in the sunlight. Make sure to keep your Zombie Spawner defended as losing it means you won’t be able to spawn more Zombies.

That is how you can spawn Zombies in Minecraft Legends. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on Minecraft Legends like how to unlock all Golems and how to get Prismarine.