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Sony Reveals Five Core Features of PS5 at CES 2020

Plus New Logo

Sony PS5 is confirmed now, sidelining rumors based on the launch of this next-gen console will be Sony officially revealed new PS5 logo along with its five core features that make PS5 a true next-gen console. Sony PS5 is going to bring more than high-performance gaming hardware, as per a short announcement CES 2020  this new console will hold future-proof technology.

Sony PS5 Core features announced at CES 2020


  1. 3D Audio Sound
  2. Haptics / Adaptive Triggers
  3. Ultra-High-Speed SSD
  4. Hardware-based Ray Tracing
  5. Ultra HD-Bluray

Compared to PS4 the announced feature will beef up gaming adding more to entertainment. Like the current model brings up a 3.5m audio jack and audio through HDMI, but with a 3D audio sound, we can expect to have a higher amount of audio ports to connect the console to a home theater.

Existing controller uses vibration to interact with gamers while the new controller of PS5 will be upgraded with Haptics / Adaptive Triggers buttons. Is this similar to Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers? It looks Sony is bringing in various switch supports one that we see with Xbox Haptic Controllers.


Touting an SSD as Ultra-High Speed SSD indicates Sony has planned something different here. With Ultra-speed performance, there will no more loading screens. Packed with Zen 2 Processor and 7nm AMD Navi GPU as leaked by news sources the technical specs are still under speculation. Hardware-based Ray Tracing probably is the GPU powered feature allowing gamers to have more realistic graphics than they can imagine. And the last core features Ultra HD-Bluray where Sony did not decide to skip the drive even when everything is going online. Games are sold Digital, Netflix does not sell DVD’s, etc.

PS5 will be coming this holiday including its price and other key details.