GTA 5 Online – How To Get Into SOLO LOBBY On Xbox

Here is a guide to get into a Solo Lobby in GTA 5 Online for the Xbox.

Solo Lobbies have existed for a long time in GTA 5 Online. As of late certain updates have patched a few methods in getting a Solo Lobby. Today I will show you how to get into a Solo Lobby in GTA 5 Online for the Xbox.

How to Get into a Solo Lobby Session in GTA 5 Online for the Xbox

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Getting a Solo Lobby in GTA 5 Online is pretty simple. Although it’s not as simple as how it was before the patch. First thing first, you will need an Ethernet Cable connected to your Xbox. If you have an Xbox I’m sure you have the Ethernet Cable for it. Now here is what you have to do.

When you load up GTA 5 Online, go to the Story Mode and open your Network Settings on your Xbox. After that unplug the Ethernet Cable from the back of your Xbox and connect to your Wireless Connection from the Network Settings. Once you are connected to your Wifi you can go back to GTA 5 Online. From there enter into a Public Session. You will enter into a Public Lobby with 25 or fewer people. Now simply plug in your Ethernet Cable back into the Xbox. After a while, the game will kick everyone from that Lobby, and presto you got a Solo Public Lobby all for yourself. Now you can do whatever you want with the Solo Lobby like doing some Cash-based missions or inviting friends over.

How to Create a Solo Lobby Session without an Ethernet Cable

If you don’t have an Ethernet Cable it is fine, there is another way you can achieve this but it requires your PC. Go to your PC Settings and find the Network & Internet option. Under that go to Mobile Hotspot and activate it (it should have been off by default), make sure you host a 5 GHz Hotspot. Now connect your Xbox to the Hotspot, now you are ready to make a Solo Public Lobby. While in a Public Lobby, Turn off and on your Hotspot on the PC in quick succession. And as easy as that you have a Solo Public Lobby.

This was all about Solo Public Lobbies in GTA 5 Online for the Xbox. Hopefully, this helped you in creating the Solo Public Lobby. You can also check out our guides on Auto Shop Bug Fix and Best RP Servers in GTA 5 Online.

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