How To Fix GTA 5 Auto Shop Not Working Bug

Can't repair or modify cars in the Auto Shop in GTA 5 Los Santos Tuners update? Here's a trick to fix this bug.

Players are unable to fix cars and customize them in the auto shop and if you are one of them, here’s the solution. Check out the possible fix for GTA 5 Auto Shop not working bug right here.

GTA 5 Auto Shop Not Working, Can’t Modify Car Fix

Here’s what you need to do to fix the Auto Shop not working bug in Grand Theft Auto 5 Los Santos Tuners: Walk out of there on foot and walk back in. You can also restart the game and check if the error persists.

This should work for you as it has worked for multiple other players who weren’t able to customize their own cars nor fix/repair the cars of customers. Some players on Reddit are reporting issues related to the Auto Shop where you won’t be able to deliver the car after coming to the drop point as well.

how to fix GTA 5 Auto Shop Not Working Bug

In an attempt to get a workaround for this error, Players have tried to take their personal car out and bring it back in but it hasn’t worked. Plus, some say that restarting the game has worked for them but it hasn’t worked for others. So, from all the things players have tried, the solution of exiting the Auto Shop by walking out and coming back in has worked for most.

That’s all there is to know about the fix for the GTA 5 Auto Shop not working bug which is not letting you modify & repair cars. Go ahead and try it out and continue your journey. Rockstar will most likely patch it soon so until then, this workaround should be good enough to make your auto business thrive.

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