Solo Leveling Arise Tier List – All Characters Ranked

A Path towards the Shadow Monarch is thorny. You must have the best hunters in your team to reach that level, and this Solo Leveling Arise tier list will help you make that.

Aside from the player Sung Jinwoo, the game has several popular and powerful hunters from the webtoon. They have exclusive equipment that offers excellent buffs. If you have already seen our weapon tier list and obtained some of those, you might be curious about their hunters and wondering if they are worth it. There is no need to look further, as this is a Solo Leveling Arise tier list for the best characters.

What you read in the manhwa and saw in the adaptation is not the only story offered by this game. Apart from the original, it has added all new stories exclusively developed for it. With Cha Hae-In, Choi Jong-In, Baek Yoonho, Lee Bora, Emma Laurent, and naturally, player Sung Jinwoo make this thrilling journey for the gamers.

Solo Leveling Arise Characters Tier List

Here’s the character tier list for the hunter and player of the Solo Leveling Arise:

S+ Tier Character

S+ Player Solo Leveling Arise
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  • Sung Jinwoo: He is the player with weapons exclusive to himself and the capability to become the monarch that no enemy would be able to face. While there are many strong hunters, none have the same limit as him.

S Tier Characters

S Tier Characters Solo Leveling Arise
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Adding them to your team and equipping them with exclusive weapons will make your team unbeatable in all ranks of dungeons:

  • Lim Tae Gyu
  • Min Byung Gu
  • Lee Bora
  • Hwang Dongsoo

A Tier Characters

A Tier Hunters Solo Leveling Arise
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These can become as powerful and destructive for the enemies as the S tier if leveled up and equipped with the right equipment:

  • Choi Jong In
  • Baek Yoonho
  • Woo Jinchul
  • Seo Jiwoo
  • Emma Laurent

B Tier Characters

A Tier List Solo Leveling Arise
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Depending on your playstyle, you might be able to use them better than high-tier hunters. Activating their effects in the battle is not very difficult, so you can use them during D-Rank raids and master the moves:

  • Kim Chul
  • Hwang Dongsuk
  • Han Song Yi
  • Anna Ruiz
  • Park Heejin
  • Jo Kyuhwan
  • Song Chiyul

C Tier Characters

C Tier Characters Solo Leveling Arise
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These are in no way the weakest, but have the least helpful development in comparison to the above ones:

  • Nam Chae Young
  • Park Beom Shik
  • Yoo Jinho
  • Kim Sangshik
  • Kang Taeshik
  • Lee Joohee

That is all for the Solo Leveling Arise character tier list. If this game’s story is intriguing and has made you curious about the events you haven’t yet unlocked, read all chapters of Solo Leveling.