Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List – Best Ranked

Arise! It is time to start the journey from the weakest to the strongest. So, check this Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list and equip your Hunter and Player with the best equipment.

The game is based on the famous webtoon and now a widely known anime, Solo Leveling. Like the series, it has a plethora of equipment your player and hunter can wield. Best of which are ranked in this Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list. From different rarities to exclusive effects, these weapons have much more to offer than meets the eye. As you keep leveling your team, you must also focus on what they are holding in their hands to ensure their safety and victory. With that said, let’s wait no longer and get to the list.

All Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List

All Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List
Image Credit: Netmarble via YouTube

There are two types of weapons in the Solo Leveling Arise. Being the protagonist of this tale and the strongest hunter who is also a player, the Player’s weapons are exclusive to Sung Jinwoo. You can see his symbol on the bottom of the weapon with a blue background to differentiate between them. We have made the two separate tier lists for both types here.

Best Player Weapons in Solo Leveling Arise

TiersSolo Leveling Arise Player Weapons
S+Demonic Plum Flower Sword
S+Demon King’s Longsword
SThe Huntsman
SWest Wind
SShadow Scythe
SBaruka’s Dagger
A+Vulcan’s Rage
A+Radiru Family’s Longbow
A+Frostbite Falchion
A+Kasaka’s Venom Fang
A+Orc’s Broadsword
ABlack Hawk
AKnight Killer
AOrb of Avarice
ABurning Demon’s Grimoire
AKnight’s Sword
ADragonscale Broadsword
BLizard Glaive
BLustrous Dragon Sword
BKim Sangshik’s Sword
BNaga Guardian Dragon’s Trident
BRock Golem Hammer
BDemon Knight’s Spear
CIce Elf’s Bow
CArachnid’s Hand Crossbow
CLycan Slayer
DRazan’s Bane
DTheti’s Grimoire
DGrave Keeper’s Scythe
  • Demonic Plum Flower Sword (SSR): It is the best DPS weapon of the game so far. The combination you perform to activate effects that increase critical hit damage is a lot simpler than many others. With each level up and advancement, you will be getting close to a perfection level that will instill fear in your opponent.
  • Demon King’s Longsword (SSR): If you like to play safe and keep your defense up, this is the weapon that would suit you the best. By performing the counterattack, you will be activating the effects to immobilize the enemy and increase your attack.

Best Hunter Weapons Tier List

TiersSolo Leveling Arise Hunter Weapons
S+Solid Logic
S+On a Different Level
SSuppressed White Tiger’s Soul
SEternal Slumber
SUnparalleled Bravery
A+ Night-Thoughts
A+ An Open Hand
A+ Equivalent Exchange
A+ Intercept
AAncient Grimoire
AEssence of Magic
ASteel Bow
ASteel Dagger
BSteel Longsword
BSteel Shield
CSteel Staff
DCore Axe
  • Solid Logic (SSR): It is best to advance and level up as soon as you get it. The weapon after a certain star increases the crit rate for all your party members.
  • On a Different Level (SSR): Just as the name suggests, when you equip Woo Jinchul with this weapon after some level up, it will give extreme buffs.

Are Hunter Weapons Exclusive to Single Hunter?

No, there are some exclusive hunter weapons listed above, however, they aren’t truly exclusive. Such weapons have some effects that are only applied to associated hunters, but the equipment itself isn’t unique to solo hunters. If you don’t have the hunter of that weapon, you can equip others with it to use its attack, precision, and other stats.

That’s all on the Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list. If playing the game made you curious about the webtoon, then you should find out where you can read all chapters of Solo Leveling.