Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location In Red Dead Redemption – RDR 2 Online

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RDR2 Online all Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location guide, learn where you can find the amazing fish easily in Red Dead Redemption Online. The first cost $2.50 cent each. If you are able to enough catch you can easily make some good money in RDR2 Online. So in this Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location, you can find the best locations to catch the fish and revisit this later to catch more and sell them off to make some easy cash in RDR2 Online without much effort. Use River Lure to catch the fish instead of a worm.

Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

1. Dakota River Location 1

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

On the North East side of Strawberry, there is a river, Dakota River. It is easy to locate one of the best spots to fish some Sockeye Salmon. With enough River lure, you can easily catch 10 Sockeye Salmon and trade it with Butcher for some cash.

2. Dakota River Location 2

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

In the same area a little bit up towards the north there is another region where you can fish enough Sockeye Salmon in RDR2 Online, just head to the north side and look for an edge straight in the South-East of Wallace Station.

3. Dakota River Location 3

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

There are two more locations in the Dakota River towards the south side, you have to search a bit. Follow the marked location on the map and scan the region for fish. There are two spots where most commonly you can hunt for Sockeye Salmon.

4. Bacchus Station

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

The third one falls near Bacchus Station, look in the North of Map in Ambrino Region. On the North-East of Cumberland lies Fort Wallace and on top of that lies Bacchus Station. Follow our Sockeye Salmon Map location to get some easy catch.

5. Window Rock

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

Towards the south west of Bacchus station follow the river and near Window Rock, there is another spot to catch some Salmon. Refer the map screenshot above.

6. Window Rock

RDR2 Online Sockeye Salmon Fishing Location

In the same region, a bit of north side just follows the narrow river and there is one more spot to get more Sockeye Salmons.

There are more locations, we will update as soon as we spot more but these are some places where you can definitely find some Salmons and grab them to the butcher to cash them out.