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How To Snipe In Battlefield 2042 (Best BF2042 Sniper Tips & Tricks)

Sniping is not easy, you will need the right weapon and the perfect set of attachments to become highly accurate in sniping.

Sniping is for pro players. In fast-paced action games like Battlefield 2042, things can turn instantly within seconds. Sniping is a good backup and recommended only if you are experienced. For new players, I recommend getting used to the rifles first. After that, they can level up and aim at enemies from distance using a sniper. If you are looking for help on how to snipe in BF2042  then keep reading. I will be sharing info on important attachments, weapon models, etc that can help you to boost your sniping frequency to 70%.

How to Snipe in BF2042?

Battlefield 2042 Snipe Tips

Sniping requires a strategy, you cannot just randomly aim and shoot. Every shot must be a headshot, that will reward you with a high XP. Also when you are in an enemy close range, throw up the sniping and grab a secondary weapon. Also, a good sniper in the team will act as powerful backup support for clearing parts. Here are some tips on how to snipe in Battlefield 2042. Necessary things that you must remember and follow during sniping.

  1. Hold your breath and shoot: Based on your platforms, you will have a set of keys to press to hold your breath and shoot. This improves accuracy increasing your chances of getting a headshot.
  2. Practice a lot: Sniping requires patience, whenever you holding a sniper you have to scope zoom and hit. That requires training, also an instinct to react when you see an enemy. You can best practice Sniping in Solo Missions.
  3. Pick the right weapon: Right weapons mean a sniper rifle with proper stats. One that can be improved via attachments. You can increase its damage rate, accuracy and reduce recoil. Below you can find a list of the best snipers in BF2042.
  4. Recon Class: BF2042 has four classes. Among them, Recon’s default weapon is a Sniper Rifle. It has three specialists Navia Roa, Ji-Soon Paik, and Casper. I will advise going with Casper due to its OV-P Recon Drone specialty and Movement Sensor. The drone is capable of marking enemies in the visible region along with disrupting electronics. While Movement Sensor will mark nearby enemies.

Best Snipers in BF2042?

Now comes the final part where I will answer which is the best sniper in Battlefield 2042. The guns suggested below are on the basis of gameplay. They are really good in hands of a skilled player.

  1. DXR-1 – High Fire Power, High Accuracy, High Range, Poor Handling, 5 Mag Size.
  2. NTW-50 – High Fire Power, High Accuracy, High Range, Poor Handling, 3 Mag Size.
  3. SWS-10 – High Fire Power, High Accuracy, High Range, Average  Handling, 8 Mag Size.

The above three sniper rifles are the best ones in Battlefield 2042. You can overcome some of the limitations of the weapon by placing the right attachments. In my view, SWS-10 is really good due to its bigger mag size. So less reload, also it has improved handling. A few points are less under the Range stat, otherwise, it is an overall good sniper rifle in BF2042.