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Sniper Elite 5: How To Get Into Marcel’s Attic

If you are new to the game and wondering how to get into Marcel's Attic in Sniper Elite 5 then check it out here.

Sniper Elite 5 holds a lot of hidden places and missions which will be difficult for you if you are new to the game. To progress further in the game you will have to complete these missions and access these places. The words how to get into Marcel’s Attic in Sniper Elite 5 will sound confusing right now as anyone would think how hard can that be? Let’s check it out then.

How to Get into the Attic in Sniper Elite 5


Get Into Marcel Attic in Sniper Elite 5

If you are in Mission 1 and have come across the name Marcel then you will understand this question. How hard can it be to get into attic? It’s not really hard if you have played this game a lot since you already know about the vines. Or maybe you just missed the vines outside Marcel’s house.

If you are still confused, let’s get you up to speed. Marcel is a Resistance member holding onto a key that opens his safe. He is in the attic of the house with no stairs to climb up to the attic.


So to climb into the attic you will have to go out and use the vines that head to the window of the attic. Once you climb these vines you will reach the attic and will find Marcel dead. Search Marcel and you will get Marcel’s key.

The attic also has some items, resources and equipment which may be of use to you. To get down you can simply dismantle the planks that have been covering the attic hatchway. Jump down and go ahead to Marcel’s room and you will find the safe hidden in the ground. You will recover the Resistance Intel that Marcel was hiding from the Germans.

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