Stray Sneakitty Trophy Guide: Go Through Midtown Without Being Detected By Sentinels

This guide has all you need on the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray and how you can go through Midtown without being Detected by Sentinels.

Stray is one of the latest adventure games with open-world elements. While the player character is a cat who falls into a world of robots, machines, and viruses, your task is simple, get back to your family. As you progress in the game, you can collect quite a few Platinum Trophies which will be in line with your missions. One of them is the Sneakitty trophy that you will have a chance to get in Chapter 10. If you are looking to get the trophy, we recommend you check this guide. Here’s how you can go through Midtown without being Detected by Sentinels and get the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray.

How to Get Sneakitty Trophy & Go Through Midtown Without Being Detected By Sentinels in Stray

Sneakitty Trophy Guide Stray

As mentioned earlier, you will encounter this particular trophy when you are in Chapter 10. It will take place in the Neco Corporation Factory. While going through this level, you will have to go through the factory, get the Battery and get back to Clementine’s apartment. Here’s how you can complete the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray:

  • As the level starts, one of the workers will carry you to the factory. Jump out and go further into the factory.
  • Since you need to go without being detected by Sentinels, stay away from the searchlights.
  • Skip the first drone by heading to the right once it has gone left.
  • For the second drone, wait for it to move away and jump the barrels. Also, use the barrels behind the third drone and into the next room.
  • After this you need to speak with the Worker who is searching for his key. Find it to get a Neco Badge.
  • While facing the Fourth Sentinel drone, wait for the light to shift and climb above the white boxes. Next, jump to the locked door in front and then pull the lever and then jump over the railing. The door to the left will now be open and wait for the lights to move away as you go there.
  • Now, there are containers moving and they are going to block the lights of the Sentinel. You need to use the shadows.
  • Additionally, you need to restart your checkpoint immediately if the light turns yellow or red.
  • After you cross the last Sentinel drone in this line, keep following the moving boxes into the next section.
  • While in the other section, skip the first drone Sneakitty Trophy and behind it. After that, you need to do the same as before. Wait for the shadows as you head towards the next part.
  • Once you cross the Sentinels, you need to go into a laser-guarded room. The barrel nearby is a great cover, use it and then roll through the lasers.
  • While you are inside, you have to get the battery and to do so, activate all three pressure plates at the same time.
  • Turn on the first machine and climb on it to jump over the grill. Pull the lever and then you can use the second machine. Place both machines one the two pressure plates and then you can roll the barrel on the third one. After that, you can collect the Battery but as soon as you do that, an alarm will ring and you need to get out quickly.
  • You have to go to Clemetine’s Apartment so take the door behind you.
  • There will be drones in the residence and you need to sneak past them as well.
  • Head to the left as you enter the residence and wait for the stairs to be free of the light. Go up once it is clear.
  • After that, take a right and go through the middle corridor and take a left. Jump on the railing and use the AC units and wait for the drone to move back.
  • Next, climb up the stairs and jump over the railing onto the beam in the middle and then walk to the other side.
  • When the drone is not looking, jump over the railing and into Clementine’s apartment through the window.
  • Once inside, you need to find the clues to eventually read the message, “I’m with Blazer, come to Nightclub.”
  • You will have to jump out the window, wait for the Sentinel light to move away. Next run outside use the beam to jump down to the AC units and get out of Residence. And then you will receive the Sneakitty Trophy.

That’s all you need on the Sneakitty Trophy and how to go through Midtown without being detected by Sentinels in Stray. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our Stray guides, tips, and tricks at Gamer Tweak.