Where To Find Snallygasters In Fallout 76 (Spawn Locations)

Here is where you can find Snallygasters in Fallout 76 and kill them to complete the daily challenge.

When you reach Appalachia in Fallout 76 you will come across a creature known as the Snallygaster. It is a four-legged mutant with a long neck, sharp claws, and an oddly bent back. But these creatures are hard to come by. Which makes the kill 3 Snallygasters daily challenge extra difficult. So here are all the spawn locations where you can find a Snallygaster in Fallout 76 and how to kill them.

Snallygaster Locations in Fallout 76

where to find snallygaster in fallout 76 and how to kill them
Image Credit: Golem Gaming on YouTube

There are several locations in Appalachia where you can find Snallygasters. Some of them have a guaranteed spawn, while others pose a chance of spawning them at random. Here are them all:

  • Fixed Spawns
    • Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go: This is a guaranteed spawn location for at least 3 Snallygasters.
    • Pylon V-13: It spawns 2 or 3 of these enemies here.
    • Charleston: You should find at least 2 Snallygasters between the Charleston Capitol Building and the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.
    • Federal Disposal Field HZ-21: You can find 1 Snallygaster here.
  • Random Spawns
    • Flooded trainyard
    • Kiddie Corner Cabins
    • Hemlock Holes

How to Kill Snallygasters

There are 5 types of Snallygasters in this game, but all of them share the same weakness: Headshots. Before checking the method to kill them here are the ones you can encounter:

  • Snallygaster
  • Fetid snallygaster
  • Bl**dy snallygaster
  • Glowing snallygaster
  • Scorched snallygaster

The above are listed from easiest to hardest to kill. They have access to both melee and ranged attacks, so you should be ready to dodge them if you plan on fighting up close. The best way to kill Snallygasters and complete the daily challenge is to find and snipe them from afar.

That covers this guide on all Snallygaster spawn locations in Fallout 76 and how to kill them. For more help on other topics for this game, you should check out our guides on how to get to the Pitt, fix the login error, and fix the friends list not working.