How To Get And Use Small Kemono Membrane In Wild Hearts

Here's a quick guide on how to get and use Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts.

Wild hearts is EA’s newest take on the classic Monster Hunter formula. The game manages to carve out its own identity thanks to a unique take on fantasy weapons and monsters. The core gameplay loop consists of hunting the game’s monsters a.k.a Kemono for materials to upgrade your traps, weapons, and armor. One such special material that players seem to miss out on is the Small Kemono Membrane. Let’s take a look at how to get and use Small Kemono Membrane.

How To get and use Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts

how to get and use small kemono skin in wild hearts

Small Kemono Membrane is obtained by hunting and killing certain types of small beasts or Kemono. Below is a list of all the Small Kenono in the game.

  • Ragtail Pup – Located in the Harugasumi Way
  • Sporetail Pup – Located in the Harugasumi Way
  • Noblegrass Hound – Located in Akikure Canyon
  • Icebloom Hound – Located In Fuyufuasgi Fort

Small Kemono Skin or Membrane falls under the Forging Material. These materials can be used to upgrade and craft weapons. Get to Chapter 2 to unlock the crafting and upgrading tree in the game. These locations and Kemono are available to the player once they reach Chapter 3. Small Kemono spawn at random spots in their respective locations. Open the Detailed map and use the Samll Kemono Filter to mark their general location with a green point. Kill the beast to acquire Small Kemono Membrane.

While each of these beasts has a chance of dropping the Membrane, the Ragtail Pup has the highest drop rate amongst the rest of the Small Kemono. The game also gives players the option to pet Small Kemono in the game. This method can be used to get other valuable items. You can decide what to do when you encounter any of these Samll Kemono depending on what you need to craft or upgrade.

That’s how you can get and use Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts. Check out guides on The Best armor sets and our Tier List of all weapons in Wild Hearts here on Gamer Tweak.