Wild Hearts Weapons Tier List: Best Weapon To Use

Wondering which is the best weapon to use in Wild Hearts? Here's a weapons tier list for you.

Here’s a tier list of all the Weapons available in Wild Hearts, so you can choose the ideal weapon for yourself. Doing so is very important because, in this adventurous journey, you are going to come across various deadly Kemono. And having all the Karakuri tech unlocked won’t be enough until you have a powerful weapon to wield. So if you are also wondering, which is the best weapon you should go with in the game, then we have got your back. In this guide below we have ranked all the Wild Hearts Weapons from best ones to use and worst ones to avoid.

All Weapons Tier List for Wild Hearts (Ranked Best to Worst)

All Weapons Tier List for Wild Hearts (Ranked Best to Worst)

Here’s a tier list for you consisting of all the weapons in Wild Hearts. For your convenience, we have ranked all the weapons in S, A, B, C, and D tiers according to our opinion. So without any further ado let us dive right into it.

S Tier – Best Weapons in Wild Hearts

In this tier, you’ll get to see all the Over Powered weapons that we recommend you use.

  • Karakuri Staff
  • Bow

A Tier

In A tier, below are all the pretty good weapons that you can go with.

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Claw Blades

B Tier

Here you will find the weapons that are average in performance and are recommended for beginners.

  • Nodachi
  • Bladed Wagasa

C Tier

Weapons in the C tier are not that good so we recommend you avoid using them in the game.

  • Maul

D Tier

Players should avoid using weapons falling into the D tier.

  • Hand Cannon

As you can see Karakuri Staff and Bow are the best weapons you should use in Wild Hearts. For those who are unaware, Karakuri Staff has a Mutation ability that transforms the Melee weapon into various forms. It is pretty easy to use and recommended for close-range fights. On the other hand, players looking for a good ranged weapon should go with the Bow without thinking twice. That’s because it allows you to cause massive damage attacks with the help of its Haya & Otoya arrows. So whenever you see a flying Kemono, you know which weapon you are going to need.

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We will keep updating this article if new weapons are introduced in the future. With that said, this is all you need to know about the Wild Hearts weapons tier list and which is the best one you should use. If you have already started the grind, then check out the best Armor set in the game. Also, take a look at the requirements to unlock every Fusion Karakuri.