How To Make Small Crosshair In The Finals

Is your current crosshair taking too much of the screen? A smaller crosshair in the Finals can do the trick.

The Finals is a game that you can enjoy a lot no matter if you are trying for the first time or have been playing it since its open Beta. However, the one thing that almost everyone in the game’s community agrees on is that it needs better crosshair. This is important because the last thing you would want during your fights is something that takes up a lot of the screen. So here is how you can make your crosshair small and if you can get banned for it.

How to Get a Smaller Crosshair in The Finals

How To Make Crosshair Smaller In The Finals
Image Credits: Gaming Problems Solved! on YouTube

In order to use smaller crosshairs you will have to use third-party overlay apps. This is the main solution for most players. However, players who have a gaming monitor can check if they have in-built crosshair options as well. Do remember that custom crosshairs are bannable. We will check more on it in a bit, but for now here are both methods for using custom crosshairs in this game.

How to Use Third-party Apps for Custom Crosshair

There are two apps that can help you out with it, Crosshair X and Crosshair V2. Crosshair X is a paid app while V2 is the free alternative. Both of these apps are from the same developer CenterPoint Gaming. Depending on your budget or needs you can try either of them out. For this example, let us check how you can use Crosshair V2:

  1. Use Steam to install Crosshair V2.
  2. Once installed open it.
  3. Next, launch the Finals.
  4. Go to Settings and scroll to the Crosshair section.
  5. Finally, turn the Opacity to zero to completely hide your in-game crosshair.
  6. Now, you will get a smaller crosshair.
  7. You can use Crosshair V2 keybinds to further customize it as per your needs. Some of the most useful options are:
    • X: Changes its shape
    • C: Changes its size
    • Z: Changes its color

Use Gaming Monitor Crosshair

Several brands like Acer, LG, ASUS, or more, add inbuilt crosshairs into their gaming monitor. Simply open your monitor settings and find the crosshair option to use it. This can be different based on the model you have, so for Acer Predator, it calls it Aim Point. Where you can change the “icons” to get a better crosshair.

Can You Get Banned for Using Smaller Crosshair in The Finals?

Yes, while you can try the above methods you should know that the game can ban you if they find out about you using custom crosshairs or if someone reports them. In their Anti-Cheat FAQ, they say:

Generally speaking, all actions, inactions, codes, modifications, etc. that give one player or a group of players an unfair advantage in the game are considered cheating.

Modifying your crosshair can fall under that, so if you are planning to play the game for long, it is advisable that you wait for the game to introduce better crosshair customization via settings. Although, if you had choose between the above methods the latter is a bit safer than using third-party software.

That is all on how you can make your crosshair small in The Finals. If you are looking for more help on this I suggest you check our guide on the best crosshair settings and controller settings.