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Slayers Unleashed All Breathing, Demon Art And Skills List By Rarity

Here's all about Breathing and Demon Art by rarity as well as the their skills in Slayers Unleashed.

Are you looking for the best breathing in Roblox Slayers Unleashed? Then don’t worry you are at the right place. We will give all the info related to breathing, their rarity, and also Demon Arts by rarity in the game. And, as a cherry on top, we will look into Skills associated with both Breathings and Demon Arts. So without further ado, check out the Slayers Unleashed Breathing and Demon Art Rarity list with Skills.


Slayers Unleashed Breathing List by Rarity Chance

Here’s Roblox Slayers Unleashed Breathing Rarity List:

Breathing Rarity by Chance
Flame 2%
Mist 4%
Serpent 6%
Wind 6%
Insect 8%
Sound 8%
Thunder 10%
Beast 10%
Flower 10%
Sun (Sun Breathing Event) 10%
Water 40%
Sun (Kamado) 100%

Slayers Unleashed Demon Arts List by Rarity Chance

Here’s the Slayers Unleashed Demon Arts Rarity List:

Demon Arts Rarity by Chance
Akaza Demon Arts 2%
Doma Demon Arts 4%
Blood Demon Arts 7%
Drum Demon Arts 10%
String Demon Arts 12%
Arrow Demon Arts 15%
Swamp Demon Arts 30%
Tamari Demon Arts 30%

breathing demon arts skills

Breathing Skill List

Here’s the complete Slayers Unleashed Breathing Skill List:

Breathing Skills
Beast First Fang
Beast Second Fang
Beast Spatial Awareness
Beast Spatial Slash
Beast Whirling Fangs
Flame Blazing Universe
Flame Rising Scorching Sun
Flame Scorching Bound
Flame Unknowing Fire
Flower Floral Rush
Flower Flower Blossom
Flower Vermillion Eye
Flower Whirling Pedals
Insect Caprice
Insect Compound Eye
Insect Nectar Eye
Insect True Flutter
Mist Distant Haze
Mist Eight Layered Mist
Mist Lunar Disperse
Mist Obscuring Clouds
Sun Dancing Flash
Sun Flame Dance
Sun Solar Dragon Haze
Sun Sun Ray Thrust
Thunder Distance Thunder
Thunder Heat Lightning
Thunder Rice Spirit
Thunder Thunder Swarm
Thunder Thunderclap & Flash
Thunder Thunderclap & Flash Sixfold
Water Constant Flux
Water Piercing Rain Drop
Water Water Surface Slash
Water Water Wheel
Water Waterfall Basin
Water Whirlpool
Wind Gale Slash
Wind Purifying Wind
Wind Rising Hurricane
Wind Whirlwind Cutter

Demon Arts Skills List

Here are the complete Slayers Unleashed Demon Arts Skills List:

Demon Arts Skills
Akaza Air Type
Akaza Annihilation Type
Akaza Chaotic Type
Akaza Compass Needle
Akaza Crown Splitter
Akaza Flying Planet
Arrow Arrow Crash
Arrow Arrow Parade
Arrow Arrow Shot
Arrow Direct Force
Doma Frozen Lotus
Doma Scattering Lotuses
Doma Wintry Icicles
Drum Double Drum Hit
Drum Drum Blast
Drum Drum Hit
Drum Drum Resonance
String Ensnare
String Thread Lock
String Thread Manipulation
String Thread Shot
Swamp Swamp Clone Uppercut
Swamp Swamp Explosion
Swamp Swamp Tunnel
Swamp Swamp Vanish
Tamari Ball Throw
Tamari Foot Ball
Tamari Multiple Throw
Tamari Six arms

That’s everything you need to know about Slayers Unleashed Breathing and Demon Art Rarity list with Skills. Also, make sure to check out our All Slayers Unleashed Clans List With Rarity, and to assist you in the fight against demons, we have got all the latest Slayers Unleashed Codes to redeem free rewards in the game.