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All Slayers Unleashed Clans List With Rarity

Here's all the clans' list for Roblox Slayers Unleashed.

Our Roblox Slayers Unleashed Clans List will cover all the info including their rarity and more. So if you are still deciding which clan to be a part of, then let’s jump right into the list below.

Roblox Slayers Unleashed All Clans List with Rarity

Roblox Slayers Unleashed Clans List Rarity

Here’s a list of all clans in Slayers Unleashed by rarity:

Clan List

Clan Rarity

Himejima Clan 1%
Kamado Clan 1%
Tsugikuni Clan 1%
Shinazugawa Clan 2%
Tokito Clan 2%
Rengoku Clan 5%
Iguro Clan 5%
Tsuyuri Clan 5%
Kanroji Clan 5%
Uzui Clan 6%
Hashibira Clan 10%
Kocho Clan 15%
Agatsuma Clan 20%
Urokodaki Clan 40%
Tomioka Clan 60%

Let’s look at these clans in a bit of detail along with their Perks:

Kamado Clan

  • Able to get Sun Breathing.
  • Everything has a 2x EXP bonus.
  • Everything takes 10% greater damage.

Tsugikuni Clan

  • Able to use Moon Breathing.
  • Everything has a 2x EXP bonus.
  • Everything takes 10% greater damage.

Shinazugawa Clan

  • Wind causes 1.3x damage.
  • Sword fighting deals 10% damage.

Tokito Clan

  • Mist causes 1.3x Damage and more Stamina.
  • Get more speed while running.

Tsuyuri Clan

  • Damage for flower breathing will be improved in the upcoming version (WIP)

Uzui Clan

  • 1.3x extra damage while using Sound Breathing.

Rengoku Clan

  • Flame causes 1.3x damage.
  • Gives you 10% extra health.

Hashibira Clan

  • 5% more stamina.
  • 1.3x damage while performing Beast Moves.

Kocho Clan

  • When utilizing Insect Moves, the damage is increased by 1.6 times, however, when using the sword or conventional fighting, the damage is reduced by half.

Agatsuma Clan

  • When utilizing Thunder Moves, the damage is increased by 1.3 times.

Urokodaki Clan

  • In their inventory, they will find a free Tengu mask (WIP)

Iguro Clan

  • When utilizing Serpent Breathing, the Venom damage will increase.

Tomioka Clan

  • When utilizing water moves, the damage is increased by 1.2x.

Kanroji Clan

  • Depending on the skill, the Love damage is increased by 15 to 20%.

So that’s the list of all the clans & their perks available in Slayers Unleashed.

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How to Reroll Clans in Slayers Unleashed?

You can reroll your clan in Slayers Unleashed by using a reroll code or by spending 75 Robux in-game. You can become the most skilled fighter in Roblox Slayer Unleashed by picking the correct clan with the breathing you want to have.

That’s all about Slayers Unleashed Private Clans List by Rarity. To assist you in the fight against demons, we have got all the latest Slayers Unleashed Codes to redeem free rewards in the game.