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Skullgirls Mobile Tier List 2022 – Top Characters Stats

Skullgirls tier list is a list that ranks all characters in a order of their potential to win under 'competitive' conditions.

Skullgirls Mobile is a 2D RPG fighter game that has some of the most beautiful and strong characters that you will have ever seen.  The characters can be categorized according to their skills and abilities, and here is the tier list for Skullgirls Mobile to help you choose the best character in the game.

Skullgirls Mobile Tier List 2022


Skullgirls Tier List

The characters in Skullgirls Mobile have been denoted by the following tier list:

  • Meta – SS Tier
  • Core Unit – S Tier
  • Good – A Tier
  • Usable – B Tier
  • Poor – C Tier
Variant PF Offense Rift Offense Rift Defense
Star Child Usable Poor Poor
AgeleMeta Wonder
Usable Good Good
Fire Branded Meta Good Poor
Galactic Glamour
Good 0 0
Materia Girl Good Good Usable
Model Leader Good Good Meta
MoonStruck Core Unit Good Usable
Ninja Star Good 0 Poor
Solar Flair Good Poor Poor
Star Shine Meta Good Usable
Timeless Hero Meta Good Usable
Triple Threat 0 0 0
Coldstone Usable Usable Usable
Beast King Good Meta Usable
Dark Might Good Good Usable
Dragon Brawler
Good Good Poor
Freedom Fighter
Usable Poor Usable
Hype Man Usable Usable Poor
Number One Usable Poor Poor
Snake Bite Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Underdog Poor Usable Usable
Weekend Warrior
Usable Core Unit Good
Wrestler X Usable Usable Usable
Wulfsbane Good Core Unit Usable
BaMetaline Usable Poor Poor
Beat Box Usable Usable Poor
Dream Band Usable Poor Meta
Epic Sax Core Unit Good Usable
G.I. Jazz Poor Poor Good
Heavy Metal Good Usable Meta
Megasonic Usable Usable Good
Private Dick Usable Usable Good
Resonant Evil Poor Poor Core Unit
Robocopy Usable Poor Usable
Treble Maker Usable Poor Usable
Understudy Usable Usable Usable
Armed Forces Usable Usable Good
Big Top Poor Poor Good
Brain Freeze Good Good Core Unit
Criminal Mind Core Unit Core Unit Core Unit
Gray Matter Usable Usable Poor
Harlequin Meta Meta Usable
Headstrong Good Usable Poor
Heavy Handed Core Unit Good Good
Star Spangled Core Unit Good Good
Toad Warrior Core Unit Meta Poor
Nunsense Usable Good Poor
Creature Of Habit
Nil Nil Nil
Doublicious Core Unit Meta Usable
Evergreen Evil Good Usable Meta
Heart of Darkness
Core Unit Meta Poor
Immoral Fiber Usable Usable Meta
Jaw Breaker Meta Meta Usable
Myst-Match Usable Usable Poor
Rainbow Blight Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Sundae School Usable Usable Poor
Temple Tyrant Usable Good Poor
Xenomorph Core Unit Good Good
In Denile Poor Poor Usable
Bloodbath Meta Meta Good
Bloody Valentine
Usable Usable Usable
Decrypted Poor Poor Poor
Diva Intervention
Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Inner Pieces Good Good Usable
Lapis Luxury Usable Usable Usable
Mummy Dearest
Usable Poor Usable
Red Velvet Good Core Unit Good
Scarlet Viper Good Usable Poor
Stand Out Core Unit Meta Good
Tomb & Gloom Usable Usable Poor
Bad Hair Day Good Good Poor
Bad Ms Frosty Good Good Poor
ClaMeta Cutter Meta Good Core Unit
Djinn Frizz Meta Meta Good
Dread Locks Usable Usable Meta
Frayed Ends Usable Usable Usable
Hair Apparent Usable Good Poor
Idol Threat Good Good Good
Parasite Weave
Core Unit Good Usable
Rock Star Usable Good Usable
Wind Swept Good Good Usable
Rough copy Poor Poor Poor
Chameleon Twist
Good Usable Usable
Feathered Edges
Usable Poor Usable
Infernal Twin Usable Usable Poor
Night Terror Usable Usable Usable

Phantom Threads

Core Unit Meta Usable
Rain shadow Poor Poor Usable
Shadow Puppet
Meta Meta Good
Souls sister Good Usable Poor
Splitting Image Good Good Meta
Vaporwave Vixen
Core Unit Core Unit Core Unit
Just Kitten Usable Usable Good
Claw & Order Meta Core Unit Usable
Feline Lucky Usable Poor Usable
Furry Fury Good Good Usable
Hack n’ Splash Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Hellcat Usable Usable Poor
Meow & Furever
Good Good Core Unit
Ms. Trial Good Good Poor
Purrfect Dark Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Rogue Agent Good Good Good
Time Thief 0 0 0
Wind Stalker Usable Good Good
Rusty Good Good Poor
Biting Cold To Be Declared
Blood Drive Usable Poor Poor
Buzzkill Meta Good Usable
Firefly Good Usable Core Unit
Flytrap Core Unit Meta Core Unit
Freaky Friday Meta Good Good
Grim Fan Usable Usable Core Unit
Neuromancer Core Unit Meta Meta
Rage Appropriate
Poor Poor Usable
Raw Nerv Usable Usable Good
Twisted Mettle Usable Poor Good
Sheltered Core Unit Good Poor
Heavy Reign Usable Usable Poor
Ivy League Good Good Poor
No Egrets Usable Good Poor
Primed Meta Meta Poor
Princess Pride Usable Core Unit Usable
Regally Blonde Usable Usable Good
Risky Ginger Poor Poor Poor
Shadow Ops Core Unit Core Unit Poor
Star-Crossed Core Unit Good Poor
Summer Salt Meta Meta Usable
Rerun Usable Poor Poor
Dream Catcher Good Good Usable
Freeze Frame Meta Good Good
Inkling Good Usable Usable
Mean One Meta Meta Poor
Pea Shooter Good Core Unit Poor
Prism Plumage To Be Declared
Sketchy Usable Core Unit Poor
That’s All Folks!
Usable Usable Meta
Ultraviolent Good Good Usable
Untouchable Poor Poor Core Unit
Wildcard Poor Poor Usable
Prototype Good Usable Poor
Blue Bomber Usable Usable Poor
Blue Screen Poor Poor Meta
Head Hunter Good Good Good
M-3OW Usable Good Poor
Nyanotech Usable Poor Poor
Overclocked Core Unit Core Unit Meta
Persona AMetaistant
Good Good Core Unit
Purrminator Meta Usable Poor
Terror Byte Good Good Poor
X-Bot Good Meta Good
Stage Fright Poor Usable Poor
Bio-Exorcist Meta Meta Core Unit
Dead Heat Usable Poor Usable
Dead of Winter Poor Poor Core Unit
Gang Green Good Good Good
Love Crafted Meta Meta Core Unit
Nearly Departed
Poor Poor Poor
Necrobreaker Poor Usable Usable
Plot Twisted Good Good Meta
Poltergust Core Unit Core Unit Usable
Scared Stiff Poor Usable Usable
Thrill Shrieker Core Unit Good Poor
Scrub Poor Poor Poor
AMetaasin’s Greed
Good Usable Meta
Graveyard Shift
Good Good Poor
Icy Hot Usable Usable Usable
Kill Joy Core Unit Core Unit Core Unit
Last Hope Usable Usable Core Unit
Oh Mai Usable Usable Poor
Usable Usable Poor
Silent Kill Core Unit Meta Good
Surgeon General
Meta Meta Core Unit
Trés Chic Meta Meta Good

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