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Type Soul: How To Find And Use Skill Box

Looking for Skill Boxes in Type Soul? Use this guide to learn how you can get them.

Searching for Skill Box in Type Soul, but are confused about where to find and how to open it in a game. Here we have explained everything from what it is to what time is perfect for hunting Skill Box. Using the Skillbox will let you unlock and learn ancient techniques and skills from your skill trees. There are several ways to obtain them, including the traditional method and the player-dependent method. We have listed both kinds, so read along and learn them all.

Where is Skill Box and How to Get It in Type Soul

Type Soul Skillbox Guide

The primary method of obtaining a Skill Box is through Raids. The drop rate of these boxes is very low, but if you keep grinding you will eventually get the boxes. Players can have only two Skill Boxes at a time, but that can be changed. By using Blue Pill, you can either alter the number of boxes or change the Skill Box itself. Now, taking part in Raids and grinding for boxes can be pretty tiring. If you want to lessen the time and get boxes with less effort, then we recommend hunting for them on weekends. But make sure, you hunt according to UTC, as it can double the drop rate.

We have two alternate methods for those who don’t want to go through raiding hassle. The first way is to trade them. Some players often take part in Raids and are always looking to empty the storage. You can trade these boxes in exchange for whatever you agree on. Skill Box trade requests are made like any other items of Type Soul. And you can check the game’s official Discord to find players who are down for the exchange. Now, if this method too is not suitable for you. You can try our third method, which we don’t recommend until you are fine with killing other players. Yes, this method is to eliminate other players, if they have Skill Box, you will get that once they drop dead.

Once you have collected the boxes using any of the above methods, you should work on your skill tree. To use these boxes must have a minimum of 25 SP with the skill tree. For example, if you want a Kendo skill, you must have 25 Skill Points in Kendo.

That’s all players need to know about the Skill Box of Type Soul. We have covered many Type Soul guides, so if you found this informative, we recommend you read how to beat Bawabawa and the best Quincy build.

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