What Does MW2 Skill Based Damage Mean? (Answered)

Confused if it exists in MW2? Check out our guide on what is the Skill based damage in Modern Warfare 2 to find out.

With the release of Modern Warfare 2, several unique and prominent features have been added to COD. As we all know, Skill Based matchmaking has been a staple to the franchise. But speaking of the Skill based damage, it is a slightly different concept. Several players have been worried that certain players of higher skill levels can deal with more damage. If such a gameplay mechanic exists, it can be pretty chaotic for the community. But does such a feature exist in the game? Check out our guide on what is skill based damage in MW2 to find out.

What is Skill Based Damage in Modern Warfare 2?

The skill-based damage is the damage you can deal from the attacks according to your skill level. This solely depends on your skill level within the Lobby. So, if you are ranking high on the leaderboard, you can stand tall and deal more damage. But luckily, the Skill based damage feature is not confirmed to exist in MW2 by Infinity Ward. Unless they confirm this gameplay mechanic, the skill-based damage does not exist in Modern Warfare 2.

what is skill based damage mw2

However, there are several alleged proofs of skill-based damage in the game. According to the video uploaded by the Reddit user, gorilladischarg, it took more than a couple of hits to take down the enemy player (thread link). While using Riot Shield, the enemy should have been eliminated after the third hit. But it took more than five hits to defeat this enemy.

You can check out the video below for your reference:

proof that there is skill based damage in modern warfare 2 from ModernWarfareII

Regardless, it all comes down to Infinity Ward confirming the Skill-Based damage in COD MW2. Until then, you can enable the Skill based matchmaking to avoid any imbalanced gameplay. If you wish to turn it off, you can check out our guide on how to disable SBMM for more insight.

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