AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Skal Celebration Walkthrough

In Skal Celebration you will have multiple choices as well side events. Here is how to complete this mission and the impact of multiple choices.

When you are near to AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Ending, you will come across a mission called SKAL. This mission has some choices which will have an impact as you move ahead in the game. This mission appears after you fight Count Odo for the first time. You will have to return to Melun to enjoy the festivities. There are some important multiple choice questions here and a few tiny side objectives. Here is how to complete this mission and pick the right choice.

How To Complete Skal Mission?

Siege of Paris Skal Mission

Go to Melun and find Toka first, this is where the Skal festival begins. There will be two objectives at the beginning. Kind of fun thing to do, the first one is to race against is Pig. Toka will also join you, in between, you have to ignore the pig and start chasing her to end this small objective. Follow the next marker and talk to Pierre, who will tell you a cheese throwing game. There are three turns, grab the cheese block and throw it in a way it crosses the green line. If you are playing as the female character you can unlock a romance skill here. Check out the video below to find on how to unlock Eivor Romance Scene in the Skal Mission.

Complete both the objectives and then talk to Sigfred. This will lead to a conversation where you will land with an important multiple choice question. You will have to fight Sigfred here. You can choose to kill him or spare his life. This will affect your bonding with Toka. In both cases, you will have to fight him first, and then the end of the mission changes. Below are the consequences of both choices.

Kill or Spare Sigfred

  • Spare Sigfred: If you choose to spare Sigfred he will walk away and disappear into the forest with reindeer.
  • Kill Sigfred: If you kill then Toka will be sad and two reindeer appear in the picture.

In both, cases Toka becomes the leader of the clan. It is on you, what you want. If you need a good ending to this mission you can spare Sigfred and he will drop the weapon. He will quietly walk away leaving the clan responsibilities on Toka. But you can also go the Viking way and choose to kill him. Similar to the ending where you will have a choice to kill or spare the Fat King Charles. As far as I had seen there are no major changes in the ending of the final gameplay so the choice is yours.