TotK Sinatanika Shrine Solution (Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom)

Wield Link's Stealth power to complete Combat Training: Sneakstrike and beat Sinatanika Shrine in Zelda TotK.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Sinatanika Shrine is where you’ll learn a new move known as Sneakstrike. However, don’t consider this combat training a walk in the park. That’s because all your abilities and other moves will not work here. So it’s just you and your melee attacks. But don’t worry; there are surely some tips that can get you going easily. With that said, scroll down and check out how to beat the Sinatanika Shrine and complete the SneakStrike Combat Training in Zelda Totk.

Sinatanika Shrine In location totk
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How to Complete Sinatanika Shrine TotK Puzzle

The key to completing the Sinatanika Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is to use the Sneakstike move to defeat the Patrolling enemy. For that, you’ll have to crouch and approach the enemy sneakily. As here, all Link’s abilities and other moves won’t work; it’s best to move quietly and avoid running. For better understanding, scroll down and check out the detailed steps of the Combat Training.

  1. First, head to Sinatanika Shrine northeast of Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. (Shrine coordinates: 3848, 2295, 0048)
  2. Next, select the best Weapon you have in your inventory.
  3. After the cutscene ends, crouch by pressing L on your console.
  4. Then, move sneakily towards your left by taking the cover of the wall.
  5. And approach the Patrolling enemy when it is not looking in your direction.

  6. Keep approaching it sneakily until the game prompts the Sneakstrike option.
  7. As soon as it does, press Y and perform a Sneakstrike.
  8. Ensure the hit you take is effective enough. Or else the game will display Well Done, and you’ll be required to repeat it.

In this Combat Training, you can only knock down the enemy using the new move. If you’re having trouble getting the hang of it, here’s a guide on easily performing Sneakstrike in Zelda TotK.

how to defeat patrolling enemy Sinatanika Shrine zelda totk Sneakstrike
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Sinatanika Shrine Treasure Chest Location

After you finish the Sinatanika Shrine Sneakstrike Combat training in Tears of the Kingdom, it’ll open a gate for you. You’ll find the treasure chest upfront, which holds 1x Sneaky Elixir. That grants a high-level stealth effect and allows you to move quietly for a few minutes. Once done looting the treasure, simply take Light of the Blessing to complete the shrine.

That covers how to solve and complete the Sinatanika Shrine aka Shintaki Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. If you haven’t unlocked the Phantom Armor yet, check out how to do it. Also, look at the steps to perform a Flurry Rush in Zelda TotK.