What Are Simulation Maps In Splitgate? (Explained)

Find out what is a Simulation Map in Splitgate and how to win matches.

Splitgate Simulation Maps are the latest Season 0 update, where the main goal is to make the game much enjoyable and fast-paced. This is a welcome addition to the game considering the addition of new Portal Walls and strategically influenced design of the maps. So let’s look at all what are simulation maps and how to win a match on the 6 new maps.

Splitgate Simulation Maps Explained

What is a Simulation Map in Splitgate

Simulation Maps in Splitgate are smaller and cleaner maps that are available in specific game modes, with a focus on fast-paced gameplay style. You can only find Simulation Maps in Takedown, Showdown, and Custom Games. They have more Portal Walls than normal maps ever had. This gives you more opportunity to create Portals and strategically place and stack them with teammates, which was not possible before. This also means your opponents have more chances to flank and take you by surprise. So both side players need to be more on their toes while playing in a Simulation Map in Splitgate.

As stated, Simulation Maps are only available in Takedown, Showdown, and Custom Game Modes. To do this you need to go to the casual tab in matchmaking. From the bottom side of the screen, you can select these modes to play in the Simulation Maps. Also, note that Simulation Maps were designed for max 6 players in mind. So each side will have 3 players each. This has been done deliberately to keep the game match better organized, considering the addition of extra Portal Walls in these maps.

How to Win a Match on a Splitgate Simulation Map?

win a match on a Simulation Map Splitgate

To win a match on a Simulation Map in Splitgate, you need to stick together and communicate with them. The main aim is not to be separated from your teammates. 3 vs 1 is not a fight you can win alone in these maps where the enemies can easily flank and kill you. You need to be with your teammates all the time, checking and covering all the sides where an incoming attack is possible. Your first few matches might feel overwhelming, but practice makes you perfect, and eventually, you will start seeing yourself winning these Simulation Map matches easily.

What Are the Available Simulation Maps?

What Are the Available Splitgate Simulation Maps

Currently, we have 6 Simulation Maps available in Splitgate. They are:

  • Alpha (Simulation)
  • Bravo (Simulation)
  • Charlie (Simulation)
  • Delta (Simulation)
  • Echo (Simulation)
  • Foxtrot (Simulation)

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